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Cargo Handling

Equipment — Dravo (continued from page 29) trains of random coal cars at the rate of 5,000 tons per hour; ground storage for one million tons of coal; and a unique gravity reclaim tunnel and conveyor belt combination that will enable the facility to blend as many as eight different types of product as the coal moves into the terminal's 8,000 tons per hour traveling shiploader.

When completed in 1983, Mas- sey will become the second high- capacity coal-handling terminal in the Newport News area to uti- lize Dravo's bulk materials han- dling technology; the other is the

N&W railroad terminal at Lam- bert's Point, which was designed and built by Dravo Wellman.

Coal export activity on the U.S.

Gulf Coast has picked up mark- edly as a result of the congestion at East Coast ports, and the Mc-

Duffie Terminals export facility in Mobile is a good example of a Gulf Coast port whose cargo- handling facilities are being up- graded in response to the current surge in coal exports. Originally equipped with a Dravo-built ship- loader, the McDuffie terminal is currently being outfitted by Dravo with a 5,000 ton per hour, continu- ous barge unloader(CBU)that will double the terminal's barge-un- loading capability (shown right).

Just recently, Dravo was award- ed a contract to install a new rail car dumper and train positioner at McDuffie. A Dravo Wellman project, this single car dumper is designed to dump two railroad cars at a time, and will increase the terminal's unloading capacity by 50 cars per hour.

The deep drafts characteristic of U.S. West Coast ports make them ideal candidates for export coal terminals, and Dravo is in- volved in a number of coal-han- dling improvements being consid- ered there. A tightly knit group of engineers with expertise in vir- tually every engineering disci- pline related to bulk materials handling was put together several years ago by Dravo to form a studies group to undertake stud- ies for clients interested in ex- ploring the feasibility of specific coal-loading facilities. These stud- ies cover the entire spectrum of project feasibility, including capital and operating costs, fi- nancing arrangements, permit and construction approvals, and the like. Several such studies in- volving coal-handling improve- ments on the West Coast are cur- rently under way.

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A coal stacker that handles loads as high as 7,000 tons per hour (normal operating rate is 6,000 tons per hour) was installed recently by FMC at Ontario Hy- dro's Nanticoke, Ontario, gener- ating station on the north shore of Lake Erie. This capacity allows it to keep pace with the highest unloading rates of any self-un- loading coal carrier on the Great

Lakes. Said td be one of the larg- est stackers of its kind, it has a maximum slew angle of 250 de- grees and produces a crescent- shaped pile of coal 60 feet high a little logic can saveyoualot.

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