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STICK" WELDING... containerized cargo handling fa- cilities. The Straddle Hoists can span six rows of cargo containers and a truck lane or flat car rail spur. It can work with containers stacked three-high with space to pass a fourth container over the top.

The SHU-100 is powered by a diesel engine with dc and ac gen- erators that supply power to all machine functions. The SHU-100 is capable of hoisting, trolleying, (continued on page 38) rolling crane hatch cover can be used to move pontoon covers into position to form an extra trans- verse bulkhead in the cargo hold to separate different cargoes.

All resources of the Interna- tional MacGregor Organisation are available in the United States through MacGregor Comarain

Inc. of Cranford, N.J.

For additional information and free literature on MacGregor equipment,

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Cargo handling equipment manufactured by Marathon Le-

Tourneau Company, Houston,

Texas, includes a line of marine pedestal cranes, a scrap metal handling crane, container strad- dle hoists and side porters, and large capacity front-end loaders.

Marathon LeTourneau marine pedestal cranes, installed on all classes of the company's self- elevating offshore drilling plat- forms and supplied to other seg- ments of the marine industry for installation on other types of vessels, are manufactured in a range of lifting capacities and configurations to meet the vari- ety of cargo handling require- ments.

The PCM-350, newest and larg- est capacity Marathon LeTour- neau variable radius marine ped- estal crane, has a 60-ton lift ca- pacity at 58-foot outreach. It uti- lizes dc electric motors for smooth operation and control of main hook and boom luffing, straw line, and crane swing.

Like all Marathon LeTourneau marine pedestal cranes, the PCM- 350 can be operated from the cab or a remote station and features a unique gantry with all welded structural components and spring- loaded boom stop member.

Other marine pedestal cranes are the PCM-120AS, and PCM- 80AS. The PCM-120AS, with a 50-ton maximum lift capacity with 100-foot boom, is available in optional models PCM-120 and


Marathon's PCM-80AS has a 30-ton lifting capacity and unique column design which provides ideal support for operation of the

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Marathon's JC-40S, a 20-ton gross capacity jib crane designed for scrap metal handling, incorpo- rates the same field-proven Le-

Tourneau electric motors found in the company's marine pedestal cranes and in the jib cranes wide- ly used in the logging industry.

Marathon LeTourneau SHU- 100 Straddle Hoists, which have a maximum load capacity of 100,- 000 pounds, are widely used in

The Ideal System for One-Side, Ceramic

Backed Welding with the SMAW ("Stick," or Coated Electrode) Process — • In exposed areas where shielding gas may be blown away • In areas where gas supply systems do not extend • For jobs which do not warrant FCAW set up time (i.e., power supplies, wire feed- ers, gas bottles) • For use in welding metal alloys for which FCAW electrodes are not pre- oently available

Realize Up to 60% Increase in "Stick"

Welder Productivity — Based on inde- pendent tests by end users under actual field conditions. The potential for signifi- cant savings stems from two aspects: that of welding only from the most advanta- geous side of the joint, and the higher de- position rates made possible with ceramic backing.

Experience Superior, RT Quality Stop/

Start Weld Tie-Ins — A controlled current surge, or "Hot Start," at the restart (tie-in) area effectively remelts the entire stop crater area. In many cases, slag pockets are removed without the need for air car- bon arc cutting or gouging. The charac- teristic bump on the weld underbead is reshaped and producesacontourwhich is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the weld underbead.

Completely Compatible with Existing OC

Multiple-Operator Systems — Safe, re- liable and convenient, the Duraline Hot

Start Welding Control Module is light enough to be carried to any particular job site and can be supplied with 80VDC power from any M-O system rectifier. The

Hot Start Module can stand alone, in its optional covered enclosure or, it can be mounted in Ouraline's standard two, four or six-pak frames or on the skid-mounted

Porta-Pak. Duraline

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