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Cargo Handling

Equipment — Marathon (continued from page 37) steering and traveling simultane- ously. It is a highly versatile and maneuverable machine, primar- ily due to the unique LeTourneau dc electric wheel system which provides power directly to each wheel.

The company's 2582-CH LeTro

Porter, also a container handler with diesel-electric drive, is rated to lift and carry container units weighing up to 67,200 pounds.

Models of the 2582-CH are avail- able for handling 20 to 40-foot containers.

Marathon LeTourneau's L-800, a 45,000-pound lift-capacity front- end loader, is used to load rail- cars with bulk cargoes such as coal, ore and wood chips. The diesel-electric loader is well suited for handling such bulk cargoes at port facilities because of its ma- neuverability and versatility.

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A new brochure titled The Na- tional Marine Lifting System de-




Henkel's exclusive Versamid 280-B-75

Polyamide Adduct, combined with our Genamid" 2000 Amidoamine

Resin and an epoxy resin, are the basis for the tough coating systems de- fined in Navy specification MIL-P- 24441. (SHIPS)

These marine and industrial coat- ings are inherently corrosion resistant.

They outperform even traditional epoxy/polyamide systems formu- lated with costly rust inhibitive pig- ments. Even through 4000 hour salt- fog and two-year Florida tidewater testing.

The Versamid 280 System also is ideal in situations where you can't get the substrate as clean as you would like. That's because of its excellent substrate wetting and moisture dis- placement characteristics.

What's more, it is a low viscosity resin and provides the solvent savings of higher solids. And it offers improved cure at low temperatures.

Versamid 280's patented technol- ogy makes it the industry standard.

Years of use on Navy ships prove it can handle the toughest marine and in- dustrial applications.

So when you need to show your col- ors in long-lasting marine and indus- trial maintenance formulations, Hen- kel's Versamid 280 can help. For more information about this unusual resin system, write: Resins Division, Henkel

Corporation, 4620 West 77th Street,

Dept. MR-91, Minneapolis, MN 55435.

Resins Division

Henkel scribes the full line of National

Crane Corporation's hydraulic cranes for shipboard, dockside, offshore, and other marine uses.

This brochure is packed with de- scriptive and technical informa- tion concerning both the National telescoping and fixed-boom cranes.

Four models are available in each classification, with capacities ranging from 10,700 to 30,000 pounds. Boom lengths on the tel- escoping models are available to 56 feet.

Also described in the brochure are National's accessory equip- ment for marine cranes. Remote controls, control consoles, and self-contained power pack and pump units are all explained and illustrated in this full-color pub- lication.

Full explanations of National's construction features, marine con- ditioning, and performance char- acteristics are provided, along with load rating charts for the full line. Dimensional drawings and an explanation of National

Crane's warranty and parts sys- tem complete the package.

National's pedestal-mounted, hydraulic marine cranes are the versatile alternative to many jobs now done by manpower or by lift- ing methods that are not ade- quately matched to the job. More and more customers are finding

National a cost-efficient lifting system for docks, offshore plat- forms, fishing boats, oil termi- nals, and many other uses.

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National Supply Company of

Houston, a Division of Armco, has introduced a new line of light- duty hydraulic pedestal cranes, with three compact models offer- ing load capacities to 45,000 pounds and booms to 100 feet.

They are designed for platform, drilling, or dockside operations that need dependable lift within space or weight limitations.

Many major North Sea proven features on National's larger cranes are on these light-duty models.

National cranes hold a proven performance and safety record and meet or exceed the require- ments of API, ABS, USCG,

Lloyd's Register, and Norwegian


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