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Lavino Shipping Company

Purchased By Management

From Corporate Parent

Lavino Shipping Company, Phil- adelphia, Pa., announced recently that it had been purchased from

E.J. Lavino and Company, its corporate parent, by an invest- ment group represented by the shipping company's current man- agement.

F.H. Muldoon, president of La- vino Shipping Company, will be chairman of the new corporation which will continue to use the

Lavino Shipping Company name.

Craig N. Johnson, vice president of corporate development, and

William J. Neumann, vice presi- dent of finance and administra- tion, will maintain their respon- sibilities and serve as directors of the new organization.

In announcing the purchase,

Mr. Muldoon said that "The sale is a positive step for each com- pany. The 61-year operating re- lationship between E.J. Lavino and Company and Lavino Ship- ping Company has been positive and profitable. Now both parent and subsidiary will be better able to concentrate on specialized lines of commerce. "The current transition pro- vides continuity of leadership to

Lavino Shipping Company and a guarantee that its reputation for excellent service will be main- tained. All current services and facilities of the company are to be continued. The integration of ownership and management will allow Lavino Shipping Company the greatest flexibility to explore all profit opportunities in the spe- cialized transportation and logis- tics field," Mr. Muldoon stated.

No sales price was disclosed for the transaction. Lavino Ship- ping Company, founded in Phil- adelphia in 1920, offers agency, chartering, cargo packing, proj- ect marshalling, cartage, steve- doring and terminal operations to shippers, vessel operators, im- porters and explorers in 14 U.S. cities.

MacGregor Houston

Relocates And Expands

Doug Comer, operations man- ager for MacGregor Land & Sea

Houston, has announced that due to the rapid expansion of busi- ness since opening the Mac-

Gregor office in Houston three years ago, it has become neces- sary to relocate and expand their office and repair facilities. The new location contains approxi- mately 45,000 square feet, which will house not only inventory of

MacGregor spare parts and met- ric hoses and fittings, but will also contain repair and fabrica- tion facilities for steel fabrica- tion, hydraulic, and general re- pairs. The new address is 5737

Ransom, Houston, Texas 77087; the telephone number will re- main (713) 641-3506.

Pickands Mather Promote

Several At Cleveland

And Duluth Offices

Pickands Mather & Co., Cleve- land, Ohio, has announced sev- eral managerial promotions in its

Cleveland headquarters and Du- luth, Minn., field office.

In Cleveland, Jay T. Ansberry, vice president and controller, has been named vice president-admin- istration. Robert W. Biggs, treas- urer, has been appointed vice president and treasurer. Ralph E.

Berger, assistant controller-man- aged properties, has assumed the responsibilities of controller.

Thomas J. Manthey, director of public affairs, has been appointed assistant vice president-public af- fairs. Charles L. Matson, man- ager of purchasing, has been named general manager-purchas-

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME ing and traffic. Cynthia B. Bezik, financial analyst, has assumed the responsibilities of manager- financial analysis.

At PM's Duluth office, Philip

D. Brick, public affairs attorney, has been appointed director of public affairs and will transfer to Cleveland. Thomas W. Hayes, public affairs supervisor, has as- sumed the responsibilities of di- rector of public affairs-Lake Su- perior district.

P A CTUnii 01 The 8th International LNG/LPG Conference and Exhibition

UAJ 1 Lull 01 Congress Centrum Hamburg, 20-23 October 1981


Chairman: Aman R. Khan, President, GDC Inc., Chicago

Natural Gas for Europe — a personal viewpoint

Dr. Christoph Rrecht. Director, Ruhrgas AG and

Deutscher Verein des Gas-und Wasserfachs

The USSR Gas Industry development and Soviet

Natural Gas exports to Western Europe

Sojugazexport, Moscow (speaker to he announced)

Algeria's natural gas export policy

Dr. M. Belguedj, Director for Gas Exports, Sonatrach,


International trade in LNG: Present projects and future outlook

Edward K. Faridany, Edward K. Faridany Associates,


Natural gas policies for the developing countries

George I). Carameros •Jr., Chairman. International Gas

Development Corp., Houston


As at previous Gastech meetings, the LPG Session will bring together the world's leading LPG producers, marketers and traders. Fuller details will be published nearer the date of the meeting. The session will occupy the whole of the day; International LPG affairs will be discussed in the morning and North Sea LPG matters in the afternoon



Technical Workshop Session

Utilisation of a marginal gas field with major NGL content by natural gas liquefaction and offshore loading

I). Meyer Detring, Preussag AG and authors from

Bilfinger + Berger. Blohm + Voss, I)yckerhoff& Widmann and Linde.

Control of dynamic bodies moored in an open seaway

T. Hillberg, Delta Marine, Calif.

Barge-mounted gas processing plants for onshore application •J. Bakke and P. G. Andersen, Moss Rosenberg Verft a.s..

Moss, Norway

Cryogenic flexible pipes for offshore LNG production

R. Reynard. Coflexip, Paris



Chairmen: R. C. Ffooks, Consultant, London and R. J.

Lake.v, Vice President, Helge Ringdal Inc., Houston

A submarine LNG tanker concept for the Arctic

P. Takis Veliotis, Executive Vice President — Marine

General Manager, Electric Boat General Dynamics


Energy-saving LNG carriers

R. Kvamsdal and S. Koren, Moss Rosenberg Verft a.s..

Moss. Norway

On the study of the tank system of 125000 cu m.

MRV type LNG carrier

Dr. R. Nagomoto and others. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Ltd., Nagasaki

Response of spherical cargo tanks for liquefied gas to large support deformation

Dr. -J. L. Armand. Department of Naval Architecture,

University of California, Berkeley

A comparison of the collision resistance of membrane tank-type and spherical tank-type LNG tankers

P. R. Van Mater, 1). L. Edinberg, Giannotti & Associates and P. Orsero, Institut de Recherches de la Construction

Naval, Paris

Some notes on the practical application of the IMCO

Gas Carrier Code to pressure vessel type cargo tanks

M. Bockenhauer, Germanischer I.loyd, Hamburg

Prediction of sloshing loads in LNG ships

Dr. -J. C. Peck, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company,

Calif, and P. Jean, Gaz-Transport, Paris

LNG transfer ship-to-ship following "LNG Libra" tailshaft failure

G. J. Masaitis and E. G. Tornav, Energy Transportation

Corp.. New York

The control of the movements of gas carriers in ports Dr. S. Mankabady, University of Liverpool, UK

Port planning and management aspects of the safe shipment of LNG and LPG

Capt. P. R. Lyon, Eagle Lyon Pope Associates. Dr. D. II.

Slater and Dr. M. A. F. Pyman, Technica Ltd., I/)ndon


Chairman: R. C. Gray, British Shipbuilders. Newcastle- upon-Tyne, U.K.

A team approach to systems integrity on LPG carriers 1). W. F. Gosden. M. Smith and P. Elkington, Bibby Bros & Co.. Liverpool, U.K.

Assessment of consequences from accidental release of liquefied gases

I). M. Solberg, Det norske Veritas, I )slo

Training of LNG carrier personnel

C. 1). Kuehl, Marine Liquidgas Service Company. Scituate,


LNG safety research overview

S. Atallah, Gas Research Institute, Chicago

Simulation and its role in liquefied gas carrier personnel training

G. Angas. College of Nautical Studies, Warsash.

Southampton, and Redifon Simulation Ltd., Crawley, U.K.

Alternative fire protection systems for LPG vessels

J. M. Wright, Blevex Ltd., Borehamwood, Herts, U.K.

Poison-resistant flammable gas sensors for

LNG/offshore installations

J. M. Sonlev, International Gas Detectors Ltd., Wetherbv,

W. Yorks., i'.K.

Safety of liquefied gases containment systems on land and at sea

M. Kotcharian and J. M. Simon, Technigaz, Maurepas,



Chairman: Robert E. Petsinger. LNG Services Inc.,

Pittsburgh, USA

State-of-the-art assessment of refrigerated liquefied gas storage systems

L. P. Zick and I. V. La Fave. Chicago Bridge & Iron

Company, Oak Brook, 111., USA

Test tank programme for liquefied gas storage using the GT/MDC containment system

T. M. Yamakawa, Toyo Kanetsu K. K., Tokyo and co- author from McDonnell Douglas Astronautics, Calif.

Unloading of large LPG carriers into salt and rock caverns

W. Brumshagen. LGA Gastechnik GmbH, Remagen-

Rolandseck, Germany

Commissioning of the 120000 cu m and 95000 cu m storage tanks of the Gaz de France and Tokyo Gas

LNG terminals

C. Riou and C. Zermanti. Technigaz, Maurepas, France

Foundation failure and its remedy for a liquefied gas storage tank

W. C. van Hoof, Raychem Corp., Menlo Park, Calif. USA and J. P. Ofrenchuck, Cyanamid of Canada Ltd., Niagara

Falls, ()ntario

Operation of the world's largest LPG plant

S. Shta.vieh, Kuwait Oil Co., C. A. Durr and J. C.

McMillan, M. W. Kellogg, Houston and C. Collins, M. W.

Kellogg, London


CARRIER FLEET — Technical Workshop Session

Chairman: Dr. Ing. H. Backhaus, LGA Gastechnik GmbH,

Remagen-Rolandseck, Germany

This will be a small workshop with a panel of experts from

Classification Societies, IMC< >. shipyards, shipowners, etc.

Fuller details will be published nearer the date of the meeting.



Rickmansworth, Herts WI).l 1QP UK

Tel 09237 76,!6:i Telex 924312


Postfach 24

D-5460 Linz am Rhein, Germany

Tel 2644 2177 Telex 861515

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