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T. Refvem, general manager,

Gas and Gas Liquids, Norsk

Hydro, A.S., Oslo, Norway; J.E.

Sandvik, vice president, Re- fining and Marketing, Statoil,

A.S., Stavanger, Norway; M. van de Luitgaren, manager,

Eurogas Terminals C.V., Euro- gas, Rotterdam /Flushing, The

Netherlands, and K.J. Vaughan, assistant general manager-

Business Development, BNOC

Trading Ltd., London. 3:30 pm — Session 3: Offshore

Gas and Gas Production—Tech- nical Workshop. (Hall 6, con- current with Session 2). Utili- zation of a Marginal Gas Field with Major NGL Content by

Natural Gas Liquefaction and

Offshore Loading by D. Meyer-

Detring, Preussag Erdol und

Erdgas, Hannover; E. Berger,

Linde AG, Werkesgruppe TYT,

Munich ; H.G. Butt, Bilfinger +

Berger, Hamburg; K. Finster- walder, Dyckerhoff & Widmann,

Munich, and K. Petersen, Blohm + Voss, Hamburg. The OLAS-

CO Offshore Liquefaction and

Shipping System for Marginal

Gas Fields by K.W. Edwards,

E.K. Faridany and J. Sloggett,

Offshore Liquefaction and Ship- ping Co. Ltd., London. 4:30 pm—-Control of Dynamic

Bodies Moored in an Open Sea- way by T. Hillberg, Delta Ma- rine, La Habra, Calif. 5:00 pm —Baseload LNG Plants with Spherical Storage Tanks,

All Built As Very Large Mod- ules by Dr. J. Bakke and P.G.

Andersen, Moss Rosenberg

Verft A.S., Moss, Norway. 5:30 pm — Cryogenic Flexible

Pipes for Offshore LNG/LPG

Production by J.M. Dumay, Co- flexip, Paris. 7:30 pm—-Cocktail buffet recep- tion for all delegates and their ladies, sponsored by Poten &

Partners Inc., New York (ad- mission by invitation only).

Thursday, October 22 9:00 am—Session 4: Transporta- tion Technology and Opera- tions. Chairmen: R.C. Ffooks, consultant, London, and R.J.

Lakey, president, Lakey Asso- ciates Inc., Houston, Texas. 9:00 am — A Submarine LNG

Tanker Concept for the Arctic by P. Takis Veliotis, executive vice president-marine, General

Dynamics Corporation, St. Lou- is, Mo. and Spencer Reitz, dep- uty general manager, General

Dynamics Electric Boat Divi- sion, Groton, Conn. 9:30 am — Energy-Saving LNG

Carriers by R.S. Kvamsdal and

S. Koren, Moss Rosenberg Verft

A.S., Moss, Norway. 10:00 am—On the Study of the

Tank System of 125,000 cu. m.

MRV Type LNG Carrier (Loads and Stress Analysis) by Dr. R.

Nagamoto, M. Ushijima, D.

Sakai, K. Hagiwara, T. Taka- hashi and Y. Kuramoto, Mitsu- bishi Heavy Industries Ltd.,

Nagasaki. 10:30 am—Coffee break.

October 1, 1981 11:00 am—Response of Spherical

Cargo Tanks for Liquefied Gas to Large Support Deformation by Dr. J.L. Armand, Depart- ment of Naval Architecture,

Universitv of California, Berke- ley, Calif. 11:30 am—A Comparison of the

Collision Resistance of Mem- brane Tank-Type and Spherical

Tank-Type LNG Tankers by

P.R. Van Mater Jr., Band, Lavis and Associates Inc., Severna

Park, Md.; D.L. Edinberg, Gia- notti & Associates, New York and P. Orsero and D. Finifter,

Institut de Recherches de la

Construction Navale, Paris. 12:00 noon—Some Notes on the

Practical Application of the

IMCO Gas Carrier Code to Pres- sure Type Cargo Tanks by M.

Bockenhauer, Germanischer

Lloyd, Hamburg. 12:30 pm—Luncheon for Confer- ence delegates. 2:00 pm—Prediction of Sloshing

Loads in LNG Ships by Dr. J.C.

Peck, McDonnell Douglas As- tronautics Company, Hunting- don Beach, Calif, and P. Jean,

Gaz-Transport, Le Havre,

France. 2:30 pm—LNG Transfer Ship-to-

Ship Following LNG Libra Tail- continued on page 22)

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