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plete stop while going full ahead within a distance of approximate- ly their length. In addition, they will be able to turn in a circle of not more than their own length.

The new twin-engine tractor tugs will be rated at 3,000 hp and 4,000 hp. The 3,000-hp tugs will have a length of 100 feet, a beam of 36 feet and a draft of 16 feet, and will be powered by two GM-

EMD 12-cylinder E-6 diesel en- gines. The 4,000-hp tugs will have a length of 106 feet, a beam of 38 feet and a draft of 17 feet, and will be powered by two GM-EMD 16-cylinder E-6 diesel engines.

The conceptual design of the new Foss tractor tugs was a com- bination of efforts by Foss man- agement and L.R. Glosten & As- sociates, naval architects. Foss expects the new tugs will begin entering service by mid-1982.

Tacoma Boat To Build

Four Voith Schneider Equipped Tugs

For Foss Launch



Foss Launch & Tug Co., Se- attle, Wash., announced recently the signing of a contract agree- ment with Tacoma Boatbuilding

Co., Tacoma, for the construction of four tractor tugs of a new de- sign. The contract provides op- tions for an additional two tugs.

Three of the new tugs will be used in ship assist, harbor shift- ing and ship escort work in Ta- coma, Seattle, and North Puget

Sound. The fourth tug will be used in southern California by

Pacific Towboat & Salvage, Long

Beach. Both Foss and Pacific

Towboat are divisions of Dilling- ham Corporation's maritime group.

Bruce Robeson, president of

Foss, stated that a Voith Schnei- der propulsion system was se- lected to meet specific operating requirements, especially those of tanker escort and large vessel docking assist. The tugs' propul- sion system will produce thrust in any desired direction and they will be able to proceed forward or back without reversing en- gines during the maneuver.

The tugs are designed to move sideward or be brought to a com-


Closed Tank Portable Gauging Systems

Today's record petroleum prices command extreme curacy in gauging bunkers and slop

MMC's Portable

Systems eliminate held error and direct ullage, i temperature

Their accuracy- interface—to ± V ( and temperature to ± 0 (0.2° C)'—makes for calibrating the ship's in-tank ullage systemQ

Equally significant, MMC

Systems allow ship's crew or independent rargo surveyors safe entry into closed tankaf" with no accidental venting o1 toxic fumes or inert gases into the atmosphere. Sampling with

MMC Closed Tank Systems is equally safe and easy.

The Systems comprise two major components. The fifst


Valves ar tank-top ullage hatch level, they provide fixed datum reference points for MMC's Exclusive Portable

Gauging Tapes. The ullage, ullage/interface and temperature tapes are all delivered intrinsically safe (FM & BASEEFA approved)

A separate non-electric tapi provided with a snap-hook for attachment of standard sampling devices.

For detailed information,


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