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TANO To Supply Throttle

System For Ballistic

Missile Ship Conversion

TANO Corporation, New Or- leans, La., has been awarded a contract from Boland Marine &

Manufacturing Co., Inc., to install a TANO steam turbine automatic throttle system in the T-AK286 (FMB), a ship that Boland is con- verting from the merchant cargo vessel S.S. Mormacbay to a U.S.

Navy ballistic missile carrier. which it will operate. Another factor is the necessary propulsion horsepower and/or torque to reach desired vessel performance where major factors are speed (free running, towing, or drag- ging), maneuverability, and sta- bility.

In general, coaxial and hori- zontal units have the capability for a lower engine installation in the hull which improves stabil- ity. The horizontal units have an additional advantage because the engines can be moved inboard while the propeller center line remains outboard for improved maneuverability. Boats using this type of transmission are most commonly found on the rivers or intercoastal waterways.

Vertical offset units are most commonly used in V-shaped hulls where sufficient room is not avail- able to allow for low engine in- stallation. V-type hulls are most popular on offshore boats such as fish, supply and tugs.

For free brochures on both the coaxial and horizontal and ver- tical versions,

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Canadian Firms Order

Two Semisubmersibles

In $300-Million Order

Two semisubmersible offshore mobile drilling units worth about $150 million (Canadian) each have been ordered jointly by two

Canadian companies.

Bow Valley Industries and

Husky Oil Operations announced recently that the rigs had been ordered from Canadian and Nor- wegian yards. Delivery is sched- uled for mid-1983.

One of the semis, an Aker

H-3.2, is to be built by Saint

John Ship Building and Dry Dock

Co., New Brunswick. The other, an enhanced Pacesetter, will be constructed in Norway by


A further semisubmersible or- der at the Canadian yard could also follow, according to a spokes- man for Bow Valley Resources

Services Ltd. Both units will be managed by BVRS on behalf of the joint venture.

The rigs will boost BVRS's position in providing Canadian offshore drilling facilities. It cur- rently has one semisubmersible operating in the Mediterranean and this is expected to be relo- cated to Canada.

The system will be delivered in mid-1982, said Michael L. Steine, manager of marine marketing for


TANO designs and manufac- tures automation and control sys- tems for ships, pipelines, process control, and energy management in industrial plants and commer- cial buildings. The company also designs and builds products for data communication systems and produces a line of intelligent ter- minals and micro-computers.

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New Line Of Twin Disc

Marine Transmissions

Twin Disc recently introduced the line of coaxial in-line models of the NICO MGN Series of ma- rine transmissions covering a range of up to 3,729 kw (5,000 hp). The company has announced an extension of this line to in- clude horizontal and vertical in- put output versions of this trans- mission series.

These new units are available with nominal capacities from 662 to 1,030 kw (888 to 1,381 hp), depending upon ratio, speed, and duty classifications. Additional sizes will be released in the near future to cover additional capac- ity ranges.

The major factor involved in the selection of a coaxial versus vertical versus horizontal offset input /output transmissions is the hull design, which in turn is pre- dicted primarily on the boat func- tion and the tvne of waters in

Newport News , . r .... LTENNEC0J


A Tenneco ComDanv

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We have been serving the shipbuilding and ship repair industry for nearly a century.

It's our life. It explains our en- viable record of fast turnaround ...our quality workmanship, our competitive prices. It explains why so many ship owners and operators rate Newport News number one.

Newport News Shipbuilding.

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TWX 710-880-0007.

Newport News

Shipbuilding is the world's largest, most diversified yard...also the most experienced.

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People: 24,000 skilled men and women.

We've Got The Space: 8 piers for berthing ships to 1200 feet, drydocks from 650 to 1600 feet. We can dock fully loaded container ships, jumboize tankers, renovate or repair every aspect of any ves- ship, tanker, prod- uct carrier, or specialty cargo.

We've Got

The Facilities:

A 300,000 square foot ma- chine shop, a foundry that can pour practically any marine casting we need with very short 66 Write 210 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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