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Fastest way to get back on stream:

Norris builds butterfly valves to stay on stream longer. But, because elastomer parts tend to deteri- orate or harden with use or exposure to certain media, eventually your Norris valve will need repair.

To get you back on stream faster ^^ than you can do it with any other valve, we have prepackaged all the elastomer • ^LBRQX parts and lubricants you need to repair I ^I^IP your Norris valve. Simple hand tools and a Norris rebuild kit are all you need to get back in operation fast.

Overnight delivery from 10 factory stocking points.




CALL GEORGE LITTLE 1-800-331-4468.

IN OKLAHOMA CALL 918/584-4241

CORPORATION/NORRIS DIVISION P.O. Box 1739. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101

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