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DataBridge 7 is a third-generation Auto- matic Radar Plotting Aid that acquires and tracks up to 50 radar targets and con- tinuously displays collision avoidance data on the most threatening 20. It will sound a collision warning alarm when- ever any of these target tracks exceed user specified values for closest point of approach and time to closest point of approach. As a collision-avoidance sys- tem, it meets or exceeds all IMCO rec- ommendations and U.S. Maritime Ad- ministration (USCG) Standards, soon to be mandatory for all vessels over 10,000 gross tons.

The DB-7 acquires targets throughout the operator-designated search area— not just when a target penetrates a guard ring. The system displays anti-collision data in the form of vectors superimposed over a daylight viewable 16" radar pre- sentation. Operator selection of true or relative vectors, and vector length pro- vide the utmost in system flexibility. Full trial maneuver facilities, including opera- tor selection of time-to-maneuver, quickly and clearly show the results of maneuver alternatives. The DB-7 warns the operator when the proposed maneu- ver does not satisfy his CPA and TCPA criteria or when it will bring him into conflict with a previously non-threaten- ing target.

And DataBridge 7 is much more than a simple ARPA. Channels and fairways, radar locked to fixed geographical ref- erences, can also be displayed. In addi- tion to warning the operator if the vessel strays from its intended track, this display provides the information that is vital to assure that a maneuver to avoid a col- lision with another ship does not result in a collision with the bottom.

And Norcontrol hasn't forgotten the operator. In addition to a control panel layout designed to simplify operation and reduce fatigue, the DB-7 includes a built-in training simulator. Prepro- grammed training exercises are pre- sented to the officer to develop his ability to operate the system and effectively use all of the information it provides.

Operational problems related to new crew members or crew turnover are vir- tually eliminated.

Finally, Norcontrol's unquestioned reputation for reliability and service are your best assurance that the DB-7 will operate perfectly and keep on working for years to come. k • • •

Norcontrol Division of Kongsberg AS, P.O. Box 145, Horten, Norway 3191 • (47-33) 41-436

Maritime Division, Kongsberg North America, Inc., 135 Fort Lee Rd., Leonia, NJ 07605 • (201)947-6788

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