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Diesel Power Review (continued from page 20)


B&W Alpha division of B&W

Diesel A S is a companv in the

MAN-B&W Diesel group'that de- signs, manufactures, markets, and services complete ship pro- pulsion systems consisting of die- sel engines in the power range of 475 to 4,770 bhp. Alpha Diesel has been producing these propul- sion packages, which include con- trollable-pitch propellers, since 1903. Current production is about 180,000 bhp annually, equal to 1,000 cylinders for ship propul- sion, mainlv to tvpes T V23L-VO and S U28L-VO.

The T23L-KVO in-line engine and the V-built Y23L-YO have a bore of 225 mm, stroke of 300 mm, and output of 155 bhp per cylinder at 825 rpm. The S28L-YO in-line and U28L-YO Vee engine have a bore of 280 mm, stroke of 320 mm, and output of 265 bhp per cylinder at 775 rpm.

These engines were designed and developed to meet the de- mand for using lower grade fuels.

The initial experience with inter- mediate fuel was based on B&W service results with the two- stroke, direct-coupled diesel en- gines for ship propulsion and aux- iliary four-stroke engines, of which the first were in service before 1960. Extensive tests have ocean salvors

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Telex WU 141439 or RCA 233494 been carried out with different lube oils and fuels of up to 3500

Sec. Redwood.

Since 1974 Alpha Diesel has tested different components to suit the demand for heavy fuel operation. For the past five years it has also followed up on service experience with its parent com- pany B&W Diesel to find the best solution to obtain the highest benefit by using poorer quality fuel.

Today there are about 600

Alpha Diesel 4-stroke engines in service for main propulsion. Of these, some 135 are running on fuel of 250 to 1500 Sec. Redwood with good results.

More than 90 percent of the

Alpha propulsion systems have been delivered with controllable- pitch propellers of the company's own design — a rugged construc- tion that features a heavy me- chanical linkage that has proved extremely reliable over the past 75 years.

For additional information on

B&W Alpha propulsion systems,

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The introduction of an entirely new series of diesel engines is a rare occurrence in the marine in- dustry. Caterpillar accomplished this feat with the introduction of its entirely new 3500 Series earlier this year. This new family of high-speed, heavy-duty diesel engines in the 800 to 1,600 bhp (600-1,200 kw) range is designed to provide optimum value for a wide variety of applications.

The 3500 family will ultimately consist of V8, V12, and V16 mod- els. The V12 (3512) was the first model produced, for limited dis- tribution in the United States and Canada, with continuous and intermittent ratings of 1,055 bhp and 1,200 bhp, respectively.

Worldwide 3512 availability was anticipated during the third quar- ter of this year. Limited geo- graphical distribution of the V8 (3508) is planned for the fourth quarter 1981; the V16 (3516) is similarly planned for 1982.

The 3500 Series is an additive to the company's 300 Series en- gine. The latter will remain in the Caterpillar product line to 1000 1200 1400 1 bOO


Fuel consumption for the marine version of the 12-cylinder 3512 (1055hp/787 kW continuous at 1800 rpm) is based on fuel oil having high heat value of 19590

BTU/lb (45570 kJ/kg) and weighing 7.076 Ib/U.S. gal (848 g/litre). Perform- ance is based on SAE J816B standard conditions. Metric rate is at left and

English equivalent at right. (continued on page 25) 14

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