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Waukesha dependability is simply a matter of detail.

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Waukesha VHP marine diesel engines feature cast iron pistons.

For good reason. Dependability.

A cast iron piston has the strength to withstand peak combustion pressures encountered during heavy-duty operation. Cast iron's strength allows thinner piston walls, so there can be channels inside the piston for improved cooling. And since a cast iron piston is made of the same material as the cylinder liners, it has the same coefficient of expansion.

Waukesha's closer and more constant piston-to-liner clearance means easier starting when the engine's cold. Yet without the danger of seizing-up under high heat, heavy load conditions.

Blow-by is minimized, and there's less chance of piston slap. •« Write 501 on Reader Service Card ce are

Overall, cast iron pistons redi the chance of major engine breakdown.

Waukesha cast iron pistor connected to forged connecting rods by full floating wrist pins. Wear is more evenly distributed and ex- tended than with semi-floating or stationary pins.

Metallurgical detail is only one example of how Waukesha engineers dependability into marine diesels.

See your Waukesha distributor for the full story on Waukesha- marine engines or engine generator ship service systems.





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