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manufactured as in-line and V- type versions with outputs rang- ing from 1,790 to 8,250 bhp. The

Vasa 22HF engine, with 8.66-inch bore and 9.45-inch stroke, is of- fered in 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder in- line versions and in 12- and 16- cylinder V-type configurations, with outputs of 710 to 3,410 bhp.

The Nohab F30 type engine, with 9.84-inch bore and 11.81-inch stroke, is manufactured in 12- and 16-cylinder V-type versions; output range is from 1,745 to 4,025 bhp. The Vasa 24 type en- gine with outputs from 690 to 1,460 bhp is also available.

The Vasa 32 and 22 type en- gines were designed and devel- oped to operate on heavy fuel up to 380 cSt, whereas the Nohab

F30 can accommodate fuel with a viscosity of 180 cSt.

The Nohab F316.

Among the applications for

Wartsila diesels are main engines in ships for both geared and diesel-electric propulsion, auxil- iary engines for vessels, and gen- erator systems for stationary power plants. The Vasa 32 pro- vides an excellent combination as both main and auxiliary engine in the same ship, such as in car/ passenger ferries. This provides simplified maintenance routines and the advantage that all the engines can be operated on bunk- er oil.

The Nohab F30 is widely used in offshore vessels, and more than one million bhp is presently in operation on such vessels and on oil rigs.

The Wartsila Diesel Division recently set up a completely new engine factory in Singapore, in partnership with Keppel Ship- yard. To be known as Wartsila

Power Singapore, its principal product will be the Vasa 22HF engine family. Wartsila Diesel also has a wide network of its own representatives, agents, and service stations all over the world.

In the U.S., sales are handled by

Wartsila Power, Inc., Marrero (New Orleans) and the West

Coast branch, Wartsila Power

Seattle, Inc. Wartsila Power, Inc. provides 24-hour parts and serv- ice from its workshop/office in


For additional information on

Wartsila's Vasa and Nohab en- gines,

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Waukesha Engine Division of

Dresser Industries announced this year that it will manufac- ture a new family of large-bore marine diesel engines under a li- cense from Sulzer Brothers Lim- ited of Winterthur, Switzerland.

The new engines, scheduled for production in 1982, will be called the AT25 series. They are rated from 1,230 to 4,320 maximum continuous bhp (985 to 3,223 kw) for propulsion and up to 3,040 kilowatts for ship's service elec- tric sets at 1,000 rpm.

Available in four basic models —6- and 8-cylinder in-line &nd 12- and 16-cylinder Vee versions — the AT25 series engines will have a bore of 250 mm and stroke of 300 mm (9.84 by 11.8 inches) and are capable of operating on heavy fuel.

The V-16 model 16V-AT25 has maximum continuous ratings of 4,320 bhp at 1,000 rpm, 4,000 bhp at 900 rpm, and 3,520 bhp at 750 rpm. Its ship's service electrical (continued on page 50)

A Vasa 6R32 generating set.

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