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Diesel Power Review —Waukesha Engine (continued from page 49) ratings include 2,800 kw, 60 Hz at 900 rpm, and 3,040 kw, 50 Hz at 1,000 rpm. Maximum continu- ous ratings of the V-12 model 12V-AT25 include 3,240 bhp at 1,000 rpm, 3,000 bhp at 900 rpm, and 2,640 bhp at 750 rpm, with ship's service ratings of 2,100 kw, 60 Hz at 900 rpm, and 2,280 kw, 50 Hz at 1,000 rpm.

The in-line, 8-cylinder model 8L-AT25 has maximum continu- ous ratings of 2,160 bhp at 1,000 rpm, 2,000 bhp at 900 rpm, and 1,760 bhp at 750 rpm. Ship's serv- ice ratings include 1,400 kw, 60

Hz at 900 rpm, and 1,520 kw, 50

Hz at 1,000 rpm..

The smallest in the family, the in-line, 6-cylinder model 6L-AT25 has maximum continuous ratings of 1,620 bhp at 1,000 rpm, 1,500 bhp at 900 rpm, and 1,320 bhp at 750 rpm. Ship's service ratings are 1,050 kw, 60 Hz at 900 rpm, and 1,140 kw, 50 Hz at 1,000 rpm.

Design features include rigid, one-piece cast crankcase and cyl- inder block with underslung crankshaft for greater stiffness.

Bore-cooled cylinder heads with water-cooled valve seats permit operation on heavy fuels. The ap- plication of pulse type turbo- charging provides excellent per- formance and fuel economy at part or full load.

In addition to the AT25 series,

Waukesha offers two other fam- ilies of engines. Its VHP marine diesels are the result of a 10-year design program to provide a re- liable, high-performance engine for workboats and fishing trawl- ers in the intermediate horse- power range. Outputs range from 416 to 1,636 continuous bhp (310 to 1,220 kw) at 1,215 rpm.

Complementing the AT25 and

VHP lines are the smaller mid- range VS series marine diesels.

They are rated up to 348 contin- uous bhp (260 kw) at 1,900 rpm for propulsion and 235 kw at 1,800 rpm in ship's service gen- erator sets.

For additional information on

Waukesha marine diesel engines,

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From a modest family-owned operation founded in 1903, the

Wichmann firm has expanded con- tinually, and today its plant is said to be one of the most mod- ern in the world. The company's

U.S. manufacturing facility is lo- cated in Kenner, La. near New


During its first 30 years of operation, Wichmann built two- stroke semi-diesel engines, then switched to two-stroke, full-com- pression ignition engine produc- tion around 1935. Since that time, the company has produced sev- eral engine models, increasing its size and horsepower range with each model change.

In the late 1960s, Wichmann introduced the AX and AXG se- ries of in-line engines, which were forerunners to the current en- gine type, the AXA and the

AXAG. The AXA engines are coupled directly to the propeller shaft through an integral hy- draulic clutch, as these engines have a relatively low speed of 375 rpm. The AXAG engines op- erate at higher speeds, 475 rpm, and are normally equipped with reduction gears that are avail- able with an infinite number of ratios. The output of the AXA and AXAG models ranges from 1,350 to 4,000 bhp, and engine configurations range from four to 10 cylinders.

All Wichmann engines are of a simple single-acting, two-stroke cycle, liquid-cooled design, and all are turbocharged, intercooled, loop-scavenged, and direct-inject- ed. The scavenging process is timed by inlet and outlet ports in the cylinder liners, so there are no valves or valve-operating mechanisms. All major compo- nents are of modular construc- tion. Accessories are driven by




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