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February 1 Start

A new, high-quality global sat- ellite communication system for ships at sea, run by INMARSAT, will come into operation on Feb- ruary 1, 1982. INMARSAT is the

International Maritime Satellite

Organization which has 36 mem- ber-States.

A February starting date has been assured by a decision taken by the INMARSAT Council in

London recently at its eighth ses- sion. The Council decided to lease capacity on two existing MARI-

SAT satellites — one serving the

Indian Ocean region, the other the Atlantic Ocean region. IN-

MARSAT has already taken a lease on a Pacific Ocean satellite.

The three satellites comprise the space segment of Comsat Gen- eral's successful system.

Later next year, new satellites on which INMARSAT has leased capacity will start to replace those of the MARISAT system. The new satellites, which are needed to meet expected growth in calls, are: MARECS, maritime version of the European Communications


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Radiotelex, Marisat Communication Terminals, Sat/Nav, Loran-C, Radar, Omega, Closed Circuit TV Monitor- ing, Weatherfax, Electronic PABX Telephone Systems, Audio Entertainment & Paging, Color TV Entertain- ment Systems, and a wide range of onboard computer controlled systems.

We work for the top names in the marine industry on tankers, passenger vessels, freighters, tugs, con- tainer vessels, off-shore oil rigs, etc. We travel wherever our customers need us worldwide! Our Field

Service personnel are professionals-engineering caliber men who are FCC licensed and factory trained-and who enjoy what they do and take pride in their work!

Nav-Com is a factory authorized dealer for the most prominent names in the marine industry-names like

Alden, CAI, Furuno, Harris RF Communications, Intech, Krupp-Atlas, Magnavox, North American Philips

Communications, Racal Decca, Simrad, Texas Instruments, and many more.

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Satellite, leased from the Euro- pean Space Agency (ESA). The first MARECS will be placed in orbit over the Atlantic Ocean by the end of this year. Its launch vehicle is the European Ariane


INTELSAT V maritime com- munications subsystems (MCS) leased from the International

Telecommunications Satellite Or- ganization (INTELSAT) and launched by Atlas Centaur and

Ariane rockets.

Spare satellites will be provided over all three ocean regions to ensure continuity of service in the event of failure on any one satellite.

Over 700 ships throughout the world are now fitted with earth stations enabling them to send and receive calls by satellite. By the time INMARSAT takes over from the MARISAT system on

February 1, 1982, the number of ship earth stations in use is ex- pected to be nearly 1,000. Tech- nical arrangements agreed by the

INMARSAT Council and Comsat

General will ensure that the tran- sition from MARISAT to INMAR-

SAT is accomplished without in- terruption to service to users and with minimum inconvenience to ship earth station manufacturers.

Brochure Available On

ODECO's Range Of Services

For Offshore Drilling

The Ocean Drilling & Explo- ration Company (ODECO), New

Orleans, La., has published an eight-page full-color brochure de- tailing the services and equip- ment the 28-year-old company provides to the offshore energy industry.

The brochure presents the company's engineering services, worldwide communications and logistical support concepts, as well as services available through related companies.

A world map pinpoints the lo- cation of 40 ODECO offshore drilling units — submersibles, semisubmersibles, jackups, and drillships—their year of build and maximum operating water depths.

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Scientific Management

Awarded $3.7-Million

Australian Navy Contract

Scientific Management Associ- ates, Inc., Glouchester, N.J., has been awarded a $3,744,789 cost- plus-fixed-fee contract for techni- cal support and modernization of the Royal Australian Navy DDG and FFG program. The Naval Sea

Systems Command is the con- tracting activity. 6 Write 298 on Reader Service Card Write 313 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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