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Launch First Five-Screw Crewboat

At Gulf Craft; Diesel Plant

Modified By George Engine

George Engine Company of

Harvey, La., among the world's largest distributors of marine diesel engines, has added another innovation to the offshore diesel power field. The first five-screw crew/utility boat, Joyce McCall

II (shown above), was launched recently by Gulf Craft, Inc., Pat- terson, La.

The vessel is 125 feet long, with a breadth of 28 feet and a 12-foot height at midship; light, it draws 3y, feet.

McCall Boat Rentals, which in 1975 launched the first quad- screw offshore boat, also built by Gulf Craft and powered by

George, foresees several distinct advantages from the five-screw application. Owner Norman Mc-

Call of Cameron, La., expects better maneuverability with the vessel's three rudders, increased reliability and safety factors from the use of five engines, and an extension of his company's con- nage of at least 150 tons. The

Joyce McCall II can carry 78 pas- sengers and has a clear deck space of 70 feet by 23 feet. It is equipped with five water tanks for a total 19,000-gallon capacity, can carry up to 8,000 gallons of fuel, and has a 6-inch fire pump powered by a Detroit Diesel 4-71 capable of pumping 1,000 gpm.

The new vessel is expected to op- erate in the Louisiana-Texas Gulf waters with a certification of 200 miles offshore. It will be operated by a four-man crew.

McCall Boat Rentals presently operates 25 boats, powered pri- marily by George Engine-sup- plied Detroit 12V71s. McCall uti- lizes the same engines in 65, 77, 100, and 110-foot boats. The 12V- 92 TIs are expected to be utilized in future 110-foot and larger crew/utility boats. cept of interchangeability of en- gines.

The Joyce McCall II is pow- ered by the new George Engine

Company modified 12V92 TI en- gine, rated at 640 shaft horse- power at 2,100 rpm. George in- stalled the intercoolers and fab- ricated the water-cooled rear- mounted exhaust manifolds, and relocated the turbochargers to the rear of the engine to better suit the workboat installation.

George also supplied the vessel's two 3-71 30-kw generator sets and the 2:1 Twin Disc reduction gears.

This summer, McCall Boat

Rentals took delivery of the quad-screw Kelly McCall from

Gulf Craft, the second such in- stallation of 12V92 TIs delivered by George.

Billy Pecoraro, general man- ager of Gulf Craft, anticipates a loaded light speed of 25 mph at 2,100 rpm and a loaded deck ton-

George Engine Co. of Harvey, La., modified the 12V93 TI engine for the five-screw crew/utility boat Joyce McCall II.



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