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The David W. Taylor Medal is presented by Society president Nachtsheim to Erwin Carl Rohde, retired, formerly manager of the General Electric Marine

Steam Turbine Division, Lynn, Mass.

Blakely Smith, well-known pioneer in the offshore drilling industry, left, presents the medal named in his honor to Ben C. Gerwick Jr., professor of civil engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Ca.

Ellsworth Peterson, left, president of Peterson Build- ers, Inc., of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., receives the VADM "Jerry" Land Medal from Michael Honsinger, a past president of the Society.

SNAME 89th

Annual Meeting (continued from page 37) for the Prevention of Excessive

Ship Vibration." This prize is given to the author or authors of the best paper contributed to the "Transactions" of the Society at its annual meeting the preced- ing year.

The Vice Admiral E.L. Coch- rane Award for 1981, which is for the best paper delivered be- fore a Section of the Society, was presented to Roy Harrington for his paper, "Rudder Torque Pre- diction," delivered at the Hamp- ton Roads Section on January 28, 1981.

The Graduate Paper Honor

Prize for 1981 was awarded to

Ygal Shapir of Israel and Gregorv

J. White of Berkeley, Calif., for their paper, "An Analysis of the

Ultimate Strength of Deck Struc- tures Under Inplane Loads," de- livered before the Northern Cali- fornia Section on April 9, 1981.

The Undergraduate Paper Hon- or Prize for 1981 was awarded to

Michael R. Ales and Joseph L.

McGettigan for their paper, "An

Experimental Analysis of the Ef- fects of Pitch Gyradius on Ship

Motions in Head Seas," delivered at the Chesapeake Section on

April 14, 1981.

The Graduate Paper Award for 1981 was given to Rodney D.

Peltzer for his paper, "The Effect of Upstream Shear and Surface

Roughness on the Vortex Shed- ding Patterns and Pressure Dis- tributions Around a Circular Cyl- inder in Transitional Re Flows," delivered at the Chesapeake Sec- tion on May 20, 1980.

K. Scott Hunziker received the

Undergraduate Paper Award for his paper, "The Hood Canal

Bridge: Dynamic Loading from

Wind and Waves," delivered at the Pacific Northwest Section on

March 14, 1981.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to Andrew A. Szy- pula for his outstanding service as technical chairman of three symposia on propellers, and to

Howard B. Little, the Society's accountant and auditor for the past 44 years. At the President's

Luncheon, Golden Award 50-year

Membership Certificates were presented to: James C. Clarke,

John Beattie Muir, James A. Pen- nypacker, Maurice L. Sellers, Ivar

D. Soelberg, Leopold E. Starr,

John L. Stevens Jr., and G. Gil- bert Wvland.


Fourteen technical papers were presented covering a broad range of interesting topics concerning vessel design for inland water- ways, coastal tankers, frigates, and surface effect ships. Other papers were concerned with top- ics such as inert gas and venti- lation systems, the marine envi- ronment, shell plating analysis, computer-aided design, hull and propeller roughness, integrated ducted propellers, hull and ma-








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P.O. Box 1415, AKRON. OHIO 44309 chinery, coal-fired steam gener- ators, and ship vibration.

The highly acclaimed technical program was put together by the Papers Committee and was chaired by Jack Obermeyer. The papers were prepared by persons from Australia, China, England,

Japan, Netherlands, and the U.S., representing industry, research institutes and organizations, na- val architectural firms, and the

U.S. Navy.

Two of the papers were the re- sult of cross-Atlantic and cross-

Pacific cooperation. "Hydrody- namic Added-Mass Matrix of Vi- brating Ship Based on a Distri- bution of Hull Surface Sources" was authored by William S. Corus of the University of Michigan and Schelte Hylarides of the

Netherlands Ship Model Basin. A paper entitled "Applications of a

Computer-Aided, Optimal Prelim- inary Ship Structural Design

Method" was written by Donald

Liu and John Mahowald of the

American Bureau of Shipping, and Owen Hughes of the Univer- sity of New South Wales, Aus- tralia.


Society president John J. Nachtsheim delivers his address to the members at the President's Luncheon. More than 500 persons attended the affair.

In his address to the Soci- ety, SNAME president John J.

Nachtsheim challenged the mem- bers to examine if they were "doing enough" in their involve- ment with the organization's af- fairs in light of what he viewed was a time of growth.

Mr. Nachtsheim gave four sec- tors of the marine industry's po- 38 Write 271 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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