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Pearson Named Manager

Of International Marketing

At Navidyne Corporation

Lloyd Pearson

Lloyd Pearson has joined Navi- dyne Corporation, Newport News,

Va., as manager, international marketing. Mr. Pearson was for- merly vice president and director of marketing with Iotron Corpo- ration of Bedford, Mass., where he had overall responsibility for marketing and sales of Iotron's line of radars and other marine electronic products.

At Navidyne, Mr. Pearson as- sumes responsibility for overseas marketing of Navidyne's marine navigation and communications equipment. Navidyne Corpora- tion is a leading manufacturer of advanced marine electronics for the worldwide shipping and off- shore oil exploration industries.

Newport News Reports

Fourth Year Of Higher

Operating Income

Newport News Shipbuilding

Co. reported recently that oper- ating income increased 35 per- cent to $111 million from $82 million in 1981, the fourth year of higher operating income.

The shipyard had sales of $1.3 billion, up 19 percent from 1981 sales of $1.1 billion.

Including the December Navy contract of $3.1 billion for two

Nimitz-class nuclear-powered air- craft carriers, the shipyard had a year-end backlog of $8.5 billion.

The carrier contract is the larg- est contract ever awarded by the

Navy. "We are pleased with our 1982 financial performance," said Ed- ward Campbell, company presi- dent and chief executive officer. "Much of the credit goes to our employees, salaried and hourly paid, who have responded to the challenge of working smarter and increasing productivity."

The shipyard delivered three

Navy ships and launched two submarines in 1982. The Nimitz- class carrier Carl Vinson and the

Los Angeles-class nuclear-pow- ered submarines Atlanta and

Houston joined the fleet from the

Newport News yard.

The Los Angeles-class subma- rines Buffalo and Salt Lake City were launched, and the yard

March 1, 1983 worked on the Nimitz-class car- rier Theodore Roosevelt and nine nuclear-powered submarines.

Newport News Shipbuilding is a subsidiary of Tenneco Inc., a

Houston-based conglomerate.

Tenneco also announced this week that net income for 1982 and for the year's fourth quarter were up.

Tenneco chairman and chief executive officer James Ketelsen said 1982 income from continuing operations was $840 million, up 5 percent from $798 million in 1981.

Mr. Ketelsen called the increase "a commendable achievement in a tough year." Tenneco sales and operating revenues in 1982 were $15 billion, about the same as in 1981.

In the fourth quarter of 1982, income from continuing opera- tions was $278 million, up 9 per- cent from 1981.

Western Electric Awarded

Installation Contract

Valued At $3.4-Million

Western Electric Company,

Greensboro, N.C., has been award- ed a $3,484,221 cost-plus-fixed- fee contract to install communi- cations equipment on 12 T-AGOS class ships. The Naval Electronic

Systems Command, Washington,

D.C., is the contracting activity (N00039-83-C-0210).


SFC BW separators feature a permanent filter bed (no dirty cartridges to change, no messy disposal).

Automatic operation without attendance is available.

U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Special Filtering


One outstanding feature of SFC BW (Separator Filter

Coalescer Bilge Water)

Oil/Water Separators is the permanent final filter bed. Composed of specially treated oleophilic particles, it can be used over and over again. With heavy use, an annual topping of 5% to 15% is the only filter bed maintenance required.

Moreover, treated water discharges are typically less than 2 parts per million of oil... well below the allowable 15 parts per million.


Operation with

Automatic Option.

Because of the permanent final filter bed, SFC|

BW Separators ordered with thei automatic option can operate unattended for weeks at a time. Whenever the filter bed reaches a pre-set degree of oil saturation, a very accurate vacuum-operated controller stops separation, initiates a cleansing back-flush cycle and

Automatic valve provides total "hands-off" operation. sounds an alarm.

After back-flushing, separation automatically starts again.

The 20-minute back-flush cycle occurs only once every 12 to 24 hours of operation, depending upon oil concentration.

Unique Compact


Because of the permanent filter bed, which requires only limited access annually, SFC BW units are very compact. All processing takes place in a single vertical cylinder requiring a minimum of deck space. A 2 cubic metre per hour unit, for example, is only 2 feet in diameter.

Every SFC BW unit is equipped with its own pumps designed to meet a vessel's needs. They do not rely on existing bilge pumps.

U.S.C.G. Approved.

In U.S. Coast Guard certification tests,


Oil/Water Separators exceeded U.S.C.G. and

IMCO A.393(X) requirements.

SFC BW Oil/Water

Separators have also been approved in conformance with A.393(X) by France,

Germany, Greece, Italy,

Netherlands, Norway,

Poland, Sweden, United

Kingdom, and Yugoslavia.

Get All the


SFC BW Oil/Water

Separators are available with capacities from Vz to 10 cubic metres per hour.

Write or call for full details .. .and for a copy of "From

A to X about Oil/Water

Separators". This six-page report has facts on

MARPOL, IMCO, and U.S. regulations for shipboard oil/water separators.

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Oil/water separation made simple.

Chemically treated oleophilic particles are used for the exclusive integral, permanent filter bed.

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