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World-Wide Standard of DF Performance & Reliability

For more than 30 years, Servo has set the standard in Doppler DF systems for marine, aviation and ground applications throughout the world.

Typical of these systems is the Model 7014 SERVOSEA™, a general purpose VHF radio DF service-proven in operation in a shipboard environment. It features just two major components —a fully synthesized 285-channel receiver/display control unit and a medium aperture, 8-element Doppler antenna which is electronically commutated for sequential sampling of received signals — without any moving parts. Both are lightweight and portable, but sturdy in construction for long life and durability.

Space requirements are minimal and power consumption is low, making the Model 7014 an ideal choice for shipboard use. Principal design and performance features include: • VHF/FM, 155.475 to 162.55 MHz and 121.5 MHz for emergency or distress • Solid-state, lightweight, rugged construction, fully tested for shipboard use • Accuracy to within ±1° • Automatic digital displays for frequency and directional bearing • "Ring-Of-Lights" LED vector display • Overhead passage of aircraft detected, with code "OHP" on bearing display • Automatic "search-and-lock" channel scanning • Audio output with internal speaker • Low power consumption

Built-in, self-test capability servo


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Marine Direction Finder Systems

For shipboard and shore station applications: Naval Intercept and surveillance

Search and rescue operations (SAR) • Harbor traffic control • Coastline patrol

Position triangulation • Covert reconnaissance • Off-shore transportation and drilling • Emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB)

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