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Doran-Alabama Offers Free

Brochure On Propellers

And Repair Services

Doran-Alabama Propeller Com- pany of Mobile, Ala. has pub- lished an eight-page full-color brochure describing its complete propeller manufacturing and re- pair capabilities.

Doran-Alabama Propeller, in business since 1950, offers all boat and shipowners a full line of knowledge from repairs to en- gineering, with 32,000 square feet of production area fully equipped to serve the industry.

The brochure also describes the firm's four main propeller types for towboats, workboats and deep-water fishing boats. It in- cludes photos of the propellers and specification charts for each.

For a free copy of the brochure,

Write 66 on Reader Service Card

If you could cut your lubrication oil costs by 90%, it would be worth celebrating, right? «*•» Well, get ready v 7 to pop the corks!

If you're maintain- ing a fleet of ^g^^Sfcjfr. trucks, buses, IBfe dT boats, construc- Bfll^H • tion equipment or ^H^H I you're operating I pumps or indus- ^H^B I trial plant engines, ^H^B 1 you can't afford to ^B^B J ignore the poten- ^H^H | tial savings the ^^^BSL^^fll

Phoenix Oil Refiner offers.

Oil doesn't wear out.

It just gets dirty. In fact, oil refiners themselves will tell you that if oil can be kept clean, its efficiency as a lubri- cant actually increases with time. So if you could keep oil clean, really clean, you'd drastically cut down on oil changes and oil costs. And you'd extend engine life as a big bonus.

So how clean does the

Phoenix Oil Refiner get oil?

It removes 99.4% of all impurities... dust, dirt, sludge, water, acid and sulphur ash. It actually reconditions the oil. In fact. Phoenix Oil Refiner- equipped trucks have run over 500,000 miles without an oil change!

Best of all, the Phoenix Oil Refiner is available novft

It's available in seven sizes for just about any application you can name.

Write or call us (collect) for more information or the name of your near- est sales representative. Every day you wait is costing you money.

Phoenix Oil Refiner Co., Inc. 330 Hill Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 37210. 615/242-0689

So brate! ^•••••••IIHIHHHHBC'T^ - -

The Point Liberty is powered by two EMD engines.

Halter Marine Delivers

The Point Liberty To Point Express

Halter Marine, Inc., of New

Orleans, La., recently delivered the Point Liberty, the third of four 191-foot tug/supply boats to Point Express, Ltd., of Mor- gan City, La.

The Point Liberty is 191-feet long with a 40-foot beam and a 14-foot depth. She is powered by two EMD 16-645C diesel engines developing 1,950 hp each at 900 rpm. They drive two, 90-inch- diameter four-bladed propellers through Lufkin RHS 2120 re- verse/reduction gears with a ra- tio of 3.0:1.

The vessel's six Smatco tanks each carry 1,000 cubic feet of bulk mud and four additional tanks carry 1,344 barrels of liq- uid mud. Dry mud is moved through the system by a Gardner

Denver WCG air compressor and liquid muds are pumped by Mis- sion Magnum pumps.

Some of the Point Liberty's other capacities are: 61,000 gal- lons of fuel oil; 1,824 gallons lube oil; 165,400 gallons ballast water; and, 16,888 gallons of fresh wa- ter. Her aft deck has nearly 4,000 square feet of cargo space.

There are two Westinghouse equipped control stations aboard and a 56-point engine alarm sys- • tem provided by EMI. The hy- draulic steering system was man- ufactured by SSI. The vessel's maneuverability is enhanced by a

Bird-Johnson model 20 bow- thruster driven by a Detroit Die- sel 8V71 diesel engine through

Capitol reverse/reduction gears.

The main switchboard and distri- bution panels were built by Con- tinental Electric.

Auxiliary power is supplied by two Detroit Diesel 8V71-N die- sel engines generating 125 kw.

Two Quincy model D325 air com- pressors provide compressed air for diesel engine starting, the 34 Write 360 on Reader Service Card pneumatic control system, air whistle, sea chest, and ship service.

Aurora pumps service bilge, ballast, fuel transfer, and the on- ship fire-fighting system while

Viking pumps handle oily bilge and fuel oil standby. The fuel oil separator model OTB-2-OO- 066 was manufactured by West- falia and supplied by Marine

Engineering, Inc., of Belle Chase,

La. The sanitary water system contains a Deming pressure set with a vertical 82 gallon tank.

Water closets drain into a Micro- phor MC-200 sewage treatment system.

Satellite navigation is provided by a Magnavox MX4102 direc- tion finder with interface to a

Sperry gyrocompass. The VHF radio is a Sailor RT-144 and the

SSB radio is a Stevens SEA 106-1. Two Raytheon model 6425-


Major Suppliers

Main Propulsion . (2) EMD

Reduction Gears Lufkin

Generator Engines (2) Detroit


Panels Continental Electric

Engine Controls Westinghouse

Engine Monitors EMI

Steering SSI

Bow Thruster Bird-Johnson

Thruster Engines Detroit Diesel

Separator Westfalia

Pumps Aurora, Viking

Air Compressors Quincy

Sanitation system Microphor

Radars (2) Raytheon

CAS Raytheon

SSB Stevens

VHF Sailor

Rudder Angle Indicator . Henchel

Depth Sounder Raytheon

SATNAV Magnavox

Gyrocompass Sperry

Winch Smatco

Stern Roller Smatco

Windlass HBL

Cargo Tanks Smatco

Cargo Pumps Mission Magnum

Cargo Compressor Gardner-Denver

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