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Centrico Forms Mineral

Oil Group, Lohmeyer

Named Head Of Unit

Rising demand for Westfalia oil purifying centrifuges has spurred the formation of a Min- eral Oil Group at Centrico, Inc.,

North Vale, N.J., it was recently announced by Wend Wendenburg, executive vice president of Cen- trico.

Centrico, Inc. is the North

American distributor of West- falia separators and related sys- tems.

Westfalia oil-purifying sepa- rators remove both water and solid particles from fuel and lu- bricating oil. This allows engines to burn heavier, less expensive grades of diesel fuel, as well as recycle lubricating oil. The re- sults include major savings in fuel and lube oil costs, reduced engine wear, reduced mainte- nance requirements, and less en- gine downtime.

Head of the new group will be Klaus Lohmeyer, manager of marine and power systems for

Centrico. Mr. Lohmeyer is a for- mer seagoing chief engineer with experience in a wide tonnage range of merchant vessels. Be- fore coming to Centrico he was employed at Westfalia Separator

AG for 15 years where he be- came a specialist in oil purifica- tion systems. He will be respon- sible for all sales and engineer- ing activities in four fields: (1) marine applications, includ- ing small boats, offshore drill- ing, fisheries, etc.; (2) land-based power plants; (3) gas turbine fuel purification and washing sys- tems; and (4) lubricants, cool- ants and hydraulic fluids, etc., used in the metalworking indus- tries.

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Frydenbo Steering Gear

Contract Awarded Triconn

For TAKX RO/RO Vessels

Triconn Corporation of Red- ding, Conn., was recently award- ed a contract by General Dynam- ics, Quincy Shipbuilding Divi- sion, Quincy, Mass., to furnish five shipsets of Frydenbo HS 702

D rotary vane steering gear for the TAKX prepositioning ships presently under construction.

Each steering gear can produce 15,000,000 in. lbs. of torque and also acts as the rudder carrier and upper radial bearing, thus providing a compact, unitized steering mechanism to reduce shipyard installation costs.

In addition, dual independent power units utilizing reliable low pressure, constant displacement screw pumps completes the hy- draulics package. With this order a total of eight RO/RO-type ves- sels being chartered to MSC as part of the TAKX program have

Frydenbo steering gears.

Frydenbo is the world's larg- est manufacturer of rotary vane type steering gears with over 6,000 ships in operation. Triconn

Corporation is their exclusive

U.S. licensee.

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For Posted Drilling Barge

Maritime and Offshore Equip- ment Leasing Co., a subsidiary of Paden, Inc., Orange, Texas, has applied for a Title XI guar- antee to aid in financing the con- struction of a posted drilling barge.

The 209-foot 6-inch by 54-foot barge will be used in interna- tional waters of up to 22 feet.

Levingston Shipbuilding Co.,

Orange, Texas, is the proposed builder of the barge which is scheduled to be delivered in De- cember.

If approved, the Title XI guar- antee would cover $6 million or 75 percent of the estimated ac- tual cost of $8 million.

Quality builders are also quality repairers

Brazil's Marine Industry leading position.

Having the know-how to build quality it also has the expertise and managing power to repair with quality. Thus VEHOLME BRAZIL is now entering the marine repair business. Any kind of repair, never mind how complex it may be, on ships and offshore equipment.

For that purpose it counts on the best human and technical resources, and the strategic location of its shipyard in Angra dos Reis. It is also equipped for repairs at site or in other brazilian or foreign ports.

Very attractive commercial conditions give the "special touch" to the offered services. i VEROLME 1

Shipyard: Km 83 of BR-101 Highway - Rio/Santos

Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro

Main office: Rua Buenos Aires, 68 - 15? - Rio de Janeiro tel.: (021) 292-3148 - CEP 20070

Telex: 21-23776

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