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J Unaflex Offers 12-Page

Catalog On Expansion

Joints, Connectors, Hose

The Unaflex Rubber Corpora- tion of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., is offering copies of a new "short form" catalog covering its lines of expansion joints, flexible con- nectors, and custom hose.

The catalog contains dimen- sional drawings and charts, pho- tographs and descriptions of the makeup and capabilities of the products, and cutaway drawings of construction details. Unaflex also has available complete tech- nical catalogs on all its expan- sion joints and rubber hose prod- ucts.

For a free copy of the "short form" catalog,

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USCG Proposes Rules For

Offshore Supply Vessels

The U.S. Coast Guard has is- sued an advanced notice of pro- posed rulemaking concerning new offshore supply vessels.

The regulations would imple- ment the provisions of the law (P.L. 96-378) regarding inspec- tion standards for such vessels,

Geared for speed. Light weight, high performance gears from ZF.

ZF presents the last thing you'd expect from a smaller gearbox. More speed.

Weighing in at only 730 lbs., the

BW190 marine gear series is the compact, high performance gear line built for pleasure craft in the 40 to 60 ft. range. Pound for pound, they handle more torque than any other gears in the world. The result? You can use a high performance engine. And build a faster boat.

Built for reliable performance.

The BW 190 series is designed for dependability and smooth operation.

With multiple disc clutches, hydraulic- ally operated, oil cooled and pressure modulated for short response and smooth shifting. And precision helical gears for increased efficiency and reduced noise.

Other features include full torque in forward and reverse. Motor-driven and prop-driven pumps. A wide range of standard ratios. V-drive, engine or sepa- rate mounting. And easy-to-reach com- ponents for fast, efficient maintenance you, that means a superior product plus a professional service organiza- tion spanning the globe. Including service centers on the East, West and

Gulf Coasts.

But even more, when you specify

ZF, you'll get all the confidence that comes from knowing you've specified the best. The best in precision. In quality. In long-life performance and customer service.

Just what you'd expect and more from the world leader in drive system technology. The BW 190 marine gear series from ZF of North America.

Built by ZF.

Like all our products, the BW 190 series represents state-of-the-art tech- nology. And it's backed by a company with over 60 years in the business. For

ZF of NORTH AMERICA, INC. 3225 Commercial Avenue

Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Telephone: (312) 291-1050 taking into consideration their method of operations, and the service in which they are en- gaged. New vessels are defined as those not in service on or be- fore January 1, 1979, or on order before October 6, 1980.

Comments are due on or be- fore June 14. They should be mailed to Commandant (G-GMC/ 44), (CGD 82-004), U.S. Coast

Guard, Washington, D.C. 20593.

A copy of the proposal was pub- lished in the February 14 Fed- eral Register.

Navy Awards $1.2-Million

Computer Contract To ADI —Literature Offered

Applied Dynamics Internation- al, Inc. (ADI) of Ann Arbor,

Mich., was awarded a $1.2-mil- lion contract by the U.S. Navy, it was announced recently by

G.F. Graber, president.

Under the contract, ADI will supply the Navy with advanced computer hardware and software to be used in research and for testing purposes. Included is the first model FX, ADI's latest product innovation, and three unique ADI System 10 com- puters.

ADI's computer systems are used to simulate complex dynamic systems associated with the de- sign and engineering of new products, such as aircraft, pro- pulsion systems, and spacecraft.

Called real time dynamic simula- tion, the process allows industry and government to test and eval- uate the "hardware" under real operational conditions, thus pro- viding better designs and re- ducing development cost.

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Ship Design For Fuel

Economy Subject Of

WEGEMT Summer Program

The eighth graduate school conducted under the West Euro- pean Graduate Education Marine

Technology (WEGEMT) program will be held August 29-Septem- ber 9, 1983.

The courses, concerning ship design for fuel economy, will be conducted at Chalmers Univer- sity of Technology in Gothen- burg, Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Re- search Center (SSPA). The syl- labus is concerned primarily with resistance and propulsion, ma- chinery, and design and opera- tion. It features a faculty from

Denmark, Netherlands, Norway,

Sweden, U.K., U.S., and West


For more information, contact:

WEGEMT Graduate School,

Chalmers University of Technol- ogy, Dept. of Ship Hydrome- chanics, S-41296, Gothenburg,

Sweden. Tel. 46-31-810100; telex 2369 Chalbib s. 34 Write 360 on Reader Service Card

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