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286-Foot Dual Purpose Barge

Launched At Crescent City Yard

A new barge, the Rogue, was launched at Coos Bay, Ore., recently by Sause Bros.

Ocean Towing Co., Inc. It was the second barge built at the barge yard of Crescent

City Marine Ways and Drydock Co. in East- side, Ore., since the yard was established in 1981.

The dual purpose barge, with dimensions of 286 feet by 76 feet by 18 feet, has a ca- pacity of 7,300 short tons, and is designed to carry on-deck cargo or to serve as a tanker, transmitting up to 45,000 barrels of "C" bunker fuel in 10 tanks. It is equipped with stanchions the full length on both sides to facilitate handling of lumber or other deck cargo. The barge's tanks are equipped with heating coils which maintain heavy

The cargo pumping system on the Rogue is powered by Detroit Diesels. residual petroleum products at proper vis- cosity levels for pumping.

The Rogue was christened by Mrs. Made- line Cox, wife of Dean Cox, senior employee at the yard.

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Sause Bros. Ocean Towing Co. operates a fleet of 12 tugs and 20 barges in regular service from Oregon and Washington ports to California and Hawaii, as well as charter and contract services to Alaska, Mexico,

Central America, and the Pacific Rim.

Raytheon Service Awarded $1-Million Contract For

TAKX Equipment

Raytheon Service Company, of Glen

Burnie, Md., was recently awarded a con- tract exceeding $1 million by Bethlehem

Steel Corp. as part of the Navy TAKX pro- gram. Raytheon Service Company will sup- ply commercial electronic navigational and communication equipment for the three

Maersk Line ships being converted for the

Rapid Deployment Force.

The nucleus of the electronic system is the Raycon-IRT main radiotelegraph

SOLAS console marketed by Raytheon Serv- ice. The unit features minimum radio room radiation hazard through the use of a unique coupler, latest solid-state technology, and high radiation efficiency.

Additional equipment to be supplied under the contract includes lkw SSB band, satel- lite communication, ARQ error-correcting teletype system, watch receiver, EPIRB,

Loran receiver, weather facsimile, and VHF.

Raytheon will test and prove all equip- ment operational. Equipment supplied will be serviced by Raytheon Service Company's worldwide service network to insure proper performance at the lowest possible mainte- nance cost to the shipowners.

Top Management Changes

Announced By Dover-Norris

Edwin L. Bechtold Thomas L. Reece

Thomas L. Reece has been named presi- dent of Norris Division, Dover Corporation,

Tulsa, Okla., replacing Edwin L. Bechtold who will continue as a vice president of the parent company.

In his new role, Mr. Bechtold will assist

Mr. Reece in the transition and will take on additional responsibilities in corporate development for both the Norris Division and Dover. Mr. Bechtold has been president of Norris Division since 1978. He came to

Norris in 1968 as vice president of manu- facturing and served as vice president and general manager of the pumps and general products operation from 1970 until his ap- pointment as president.

Mr. Reece has headed two other Dover divisions during the past 12 and a half years. In 1970, he was named president of

Ronninger-Petter Division, Portage, Mich., and he was at the helm of the De-Sta-Co

Division, Detroit, from 1978 until his move to Tulsa.

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