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Heath Named Coal Sales

Manager For Pott's

Inland Waterways Division

Geoffrey A. Heath

The Inland Waterways Division of Pott Industries Inc. of St. Louis, a Houston Natural Gas Corpora- tion company, has named Geof- frey A. Heath manager-coal sales, it was announced by C.M. Jones

Jr. vice president-coal sales. Pott

Industries Inc. is the parent com- pany of Federal Barge Lines, Inc.,

United Barge Company and Cora

Coal Terminal.

Mr. Heath will be responsible for the marketing of barge serv- ices for coal shipments in the Up- per Ohio River area, as well as in

West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Prior to joining the Inland Waterways Division, he was sales manager/field repre- sentative for Derby Coal Com- pany, after previously working as a coal development representative for C&O Railway.

MarAd Approves Title XI To

Aid In Refinancing Of ACL's $3.7-Million Cruise Vessel

The Maritime Administration has approved in principle an appli- cation by American Cruise Line,

Inc. of Haddam, Conn., for a Title

XI guarantee to aid in refinancing the construction cost of the 96-pas- senger cruise vessel M/V America.

The vessel has an overall length of 165 feet, molded beam of 36 feet, and is powered by a 900-bhp diesel engine.

The America has operated be- tween ports along the inland and coastal waterways on the U.S.

East Coast since her delivery in

February 1982. The vessel was built by Chesapeake Shipbuilding,

Inc. of Salisbury, Md.

The Title XI guarantee covers $2,622,000, or 75 percent of the $3,775,966 cost of the vessel.

New Fuel Management

System From Pandel —Literature Available

A computer-based fuel manage- ment system, the FMS-3, was in- troduced recently by Pandel In- struments, Inc. of Grand Prairie,

Texas. This system compares the fuel burned versus the speed made for vessels in the 4,000-bhp range and up. It consists of two major components: flow and temperature sensing devices, and the main computer unit with the system display.

The system monitors individual engine fuel burns and vessel speed, and the computer calculates the fuel burned per mile of operation.

Performance charts for the indi- vidual vessel may then be con- structed to allow operation at known efficiency levels. The sys- tem is configured to function with marine diesel engines using low- pressure fuel supply pumps and return fuel circuits. The FMS-3 has hardware and software correc- tion factors for fuel heating during recycling, aeration of the return fuel, and flowmeter calibration.

Speed inputs to the FMS-3 come from either the vessel's on-board knot log or from the Pandel Chan- nel-Scan"' remote depth sounder.

System outputs are displayed on a 12-inch CRT that is equipped with an amber display format, which presents no degradation of night vision.

Display formats are readily changed in system software to meet any particular fleet require- ments. Several of these systems are now operating successfully on the Inland Waterways.

For more information and free literature on the FMS-3,

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Deck 180' to 400'

Tank and/or Peck 230'to 400'

Pump Scow

D.W.T. 1600 L.T.

Prydocks 1000 and 2000 T.


Peck 150' and 180' Series



D.W.T. 4000 S.T.

Water Cranes 25,100 and 150 T.

Floating Pocks 420'x 58'with or without crane

For additional information contact Tom Sherwood or Andy Canulette 3121 S.W. Moody Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97201

Phone: 503-228-8691

Toll Free 1-800-547-9259

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