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Currence Named President

Of Tidewater Marine

Tidewater Inc. has announced the election of Richard M. Currence as president and chief executive of- ficer of its subsidiary Tidewater

Marine Service, Inc., and the pro- motion of three members of its staff—William C. Hightower,

Paul J. Angelle, and Wayne D.

DeLeo—to vice presidents of the parent company. Mr. Currence was also elected a senior vice presi- dent of Tidewater Inc. The an- nouncement was made by John P.

Laborde, chairman and chief exec- utive officer of Tidewater Inc.

Mr. Currence formerly served as president of Zapata Gulf Marine

Corporation of Houston, and earlier as president of Gulf Fleet Marine

Corporation of New Orleans. Prior to joining Gulf Fleet, he spent seven years with Tidewater Inc. as an administrative manager.

Mr. Hightower is a regional vice president of Tidewater Marine with responsibility for operations in

Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil, and Trinidad. He joined the compa- ny in 1975 as a sales representative, and served the marine group as vice president of sales before going into operations.

Mr. Angelle joined Tidewater in

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NEWPORT NEWS • LONDON • BERGEN • OSLO • HALIFAX 1965 as an accountant, and was pro- moted to area manager in Iran and later to area manager for Mediterra- nean and Egyptian operations. He was later promoted to area man- ager-Singapore, and presently serves as regional vice president for the North Sea, West Africa, Egypt, and Italy.

Mr. DeLeo joined the company in 1978 as controller-foreign ac- counting, and formerly served as a manager at Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company in New Orleans, New

York, and Australia.

Hyundai-Built ODECO Rigs

Will Be Classed By ABS *

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has received a request from

Ocean Drilling & Exploration Com- pany (ODECO) of New Orleans for classification of four new column stabilized drilling units that will be constructed at the Hyundai Heavy

Industries shipyard in Ulsan, Korea.

Design of these rigs is based on

ODECO's Ocean Odyssey Class, semisubmersible units and built in 1983 to ABS classification. The new units will be capable of operating in water depths of up to 3,000 feet.

All aspects of classification relat- ing to plan review, structural analy- sis, topside facilities and machinery review, and coordination of all sur- veys of the new ODECO rigs will be handled by the Offshore Engineer- ing Division of ABS.

As of January 1, 1985, ABS had a total of 574 mobile offshore drilling units in class—more than any other international classification society.

The request for classification from

ODECO raises to 41 the number of mobile drilling rigs now building or on order to ABS class.

Stewart & Stevenson

Opens New West Coast

Office In San Francisco

Stewart & Stevenson Services,

Inc. of Houston has announced the opening of a San Francisco office to serve as headquarters for its

West Coast operations. Ronald

Svendsgaard has been named manager-West Coast operations.

The new office was established to better serve the company's expand- ed cogeneration and major marine markets in the area, according to vice president Carsey Manning.

Stewart & Stevenson designs and manufactures cogeneration units, both 'diesel- and gas turbine-pow- ered, and marine propulsion sys- tems, as well as a wide variety of other diesel- and gas turbine-pow- ered products, working in close co- operation with engineering and architectural firms.

Mr. Svendsgaard had more than 20 years of experience with

Bailey Controls Company and Hon- eywell Corporation before joining

Stewart & Stevenson.

The new West Coast office is located at 465 California Street, San

Francisco, Calif. 94104. 10

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