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Sperry Marine Systems

Plans To Acquire Navidyne

Sperry has announced that it in tends to acquire the assets of Navi- dyne Corporation of Newport News.

Va. Navidyne develops, sells, ser- vices, and operates marine electron- ic navigation and communications systems. The firm had 1983 sales of approximately $5 million. The New- port News company will be operated as part of the Marine Systems Divi- sion of Sperry's Aerospace & Marine

Group. MSD is headquartered in

Charlottsville, Va.

The terms of the proposed acqui- sition were not disclosed.

Joseph J. Campanella, Group president, said the addition of Navi- dyne will help Sperry towards its goal of expanding and diversifying its commercial business. "The com- munications segment, particularly satellite communications, offers us an excellent opportunity with prom- ising growth potential," he said. A principal Navidyne product is a shipboard satellite communications system, and all of the company's activity is in the commercial mari- time industry.

Executive Appointments

Announced At HUD

Y. C. Chiu

Following the recent appointment of Robert Smith as managing di- rector, Hongkong United Dockyards

Ltd. (HUD) has announced execu- tive management changes.

Y.C. Chiu, who has been with

HUD since 1950, has been ap- pointed commercial manager of the dockyard. A naval architect and ma- rine engineer, he has held various posts at HUD including business manager and estimating and techni- cal services positions.

G.R. Gough has been named ex- ecutive manager-finance and ad- ministration. He joined HUD in 1978 as finance manager, and had previously been with the Hong

Kong Government and Her Majes- ty's Forces.

C.B. Harris remains executive manager-marine operations. A nav- al architect, he has been at HUD since 1964 in various positions in the production management area, as well as in technical services and esti- mating posts.

Mr. Smith, who joined HUD in 1970, became managing director in

September 1984. An accountant by profession, he held various account- ing positions at HUD, including fi- nance director, before becoming ex- ecutive director-group operations.

Herman Of Mobil Shipping

Named Chairman Of

AIMS—Lengyel Remains


Albert J. Herman, vice presi- dent of Mobil Shipping and Trans- portation Company, a subsidiary of

Mobil Oil Corporation, has been elected chairman of the board of the

American Institute of Merchant

Shipping (AIMS) for a one-year term. A graduate of the State Uni- versity of New York Maritime Col- lege at Fort Schuyler, he has been with Mobil since 1961.

Newly elected to the AIMS board is Frank J. Iarossi, president of

Exxon Shipping Company. Ran

Hettena, president of OSG Bulk

Ships, Inc., and Richard T. du

Moulin, executive vice president and director of OMI Corporation, were re-elected for three-year terms.

AIMS incumbent officers Thom- as J. Lengyel, president, Ernest

J. Corrado, vice president, and

Roseann Pazak, secretary-trea- surer, were all re-elected.

Other AIMS board members for 1985 are: J.A. Cole Jr., vice-presi- dent-marine, Texaco Inc.; A.B.

Kurz, president, Keystone Ship- ping Company; Capt. Charles M.

Lynch, president, ARCO Marine,

Inc.; Joseph D. Mazzei, general manager/president, Sun Transport,

Inc.; and George P. Steele, presi- dent, Interocean Management Cor- poration.

AIMS membership consists of 24

U.S. shipping companies repre- senting nearly 10 million dwt of oceangoing ships that fly the Ameri- can flag.

New Book On Radar

Published By Cornell

Maritime Press

A new book on radar, "The Radar

Book" by experienced mariners


Van Wyck, was published recently by Cornell Maritime Press of Cen- treville, Md. Both authors teach at the Maritime Institute of Technolo- gy and Graduate Studies in Linthin- cum, Md.

The book provides instruction in the use of radar as a tool for basic collision avoidance, plotting, navi- gation, and piloting. It also includes several self-testing quizzes, and it contains scores of diagrams of ac- tual radar plot situations, related to actual experiences. Of special inter- est to the professional is the section devoted to preparation for passing the U.S. Coast Guard licensing ex- aminations, both in written form and in the simulator.

The Radar Book is available from

Cornell Maritime Press, Centreville,

Md. 21617, at $17.50.

Brown Named General

Manager Of Uniroyal's

Engineered Systems Unit

Carl R. Brown

Carl R. Brown has been ap- pointed to the newly created posi- tion of general manager for the En- gineered Systems business unit of

Uniroyal's Plastic Products Divi- sion, according to vice president and general manager A1 Weber.

Mr. Brown will have direct re- sponsibility for sales, marketing, and product development of Engi- neered Systems' line of specialty high-performance products for the marine, transportation, and avia- tion industries. He will oversee op- erations and will coordinate the ac- tivities of the unit's manufacturing superintendent in Mishawaka, Ind., and the factory manager at Uni- royal's Warsaw, Ind., plant.

A 19-year Uniroyal veteran, he was most recently business manager for the Adhesive and Rubber Spe- cialties business unit. He has a BS degree in chemistry from Cumber- land College and earned an MBA degree at Indiana University.

Engineered Systems manufac- tures Sealdboom- oil spill contain- ment systems, Sealdtank® portable transportation tanks, and marine fendering systems.

TACH-IV Wide Range

Non-Contact Tachometer

Offered By Monarch —Literature Available

Monarch Instrument of Amherst,

N.H., is offering free literature on the TACH-IV digital optical ta- chometer the company produces.

One of the widest speed measuring ranges of any portable non-contact tachometer and a simultaneous maximum hold capability are two of the unique features that make the

Model TACH-IV digital optical ta- chometer one of the most versatile instruments ever available for the instrument engineer.

The TACH-IV's ability to meas- ure speeds from 5 rpm to 500,000 rpm makes it suitable for every application throughout industry, from adjusting extremely slow vari- able speed drives, to checking motor and pump speeds, to measuring very high-speed turbines. The TACH-

IV's simultaneous maximum capa- bility makes it also capable of cap- turing peak speeds, a feature partic- ularly useful in setting speed gover- nors of overspeed trip switches.

A unique self-test program that checks and displays key functions of the instrument is made possible by

TACH-IV's micro-processor con- trol, which also provides accuracy of .01 rpm, resolution of up to .0001 rpm, and a memory recall feature.

TACH-IV is designed to provide convenient portable operation in its padded carrying case, or semi-per- manent operation by means of the remote mounting and control fea- ture provided.

For free copies of the literature and additional information on the

TACH-IV digital optical tachome- ter from Monarch Instrument,

Circle 26 on Reader Service Card

Baldt Introduces New

Rapid Release System —Literature Available

Baldt Incorporated of Chester,

Pa., recently introduced the second generation MOOR-FREE™ II rapid release system, the latest in a series of developments that allow rig oper- ators to free a vessel from its moor- ings instantaneously. Significant improvements were implemented into the original MOOR-FREE sys- tem to provide longer service life and increased flexibility. The new system is illustrated and described in detail in a new four-page, two- color Engineering Innovations tech- nical bulletin (#005) offered free of charge by the company.

An increased battery life of ap- proximately six months, and the ability to position the disconnect link anywhere in the chain length are two product refinements that were developed to make the new unit a permanent part of the active system. As with the original system,

MOOR-FREE II combines ad- vanced acoustic detonation technol- ogy with the performance-proven

Baldt chain connecting link con- cept. The system is totally self-con- tained and requires no outside as- sistance from supply/support ves- sels.

Baldt's continuing research, de- velopment, and testing for M0OR-

FREE II have resulted in a system that provides: instantaneous release of vessel moorings; Grade 4 compat- ibility; Extended battery life; in- creased operating depth of 2,500 feet; maximum flexibility; and max- imum efficiency.

MOOR-FREE II system compo- nents include Baldt's unique dis- connect link, detonating bolt assem- bly, acoustic transducer, and com- mand transmitter.

For further information and a free copy of bulletin #005,

Circle 29 on Reader Service Card 44 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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