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EPSCO Gets Navy Order

For Navigation Plotters

EPSCO, Incorporated of West- wood, Mass., has announced the re- ceipt of an $877,435 follow-on order for the manufacture of its large

Integrated Navigation Plotters (INP).

The Model 4436 INP will be used on the U.S. Navy's new YP Class training vessels under construction at Peterson Builders for use at the

Naval Academy in Annapolis. Auto- matic tracking of a vessel's course in either latitude/longitude or Loran C time difference is displayed on a 31- by 36-inch flatbed plotting surface.

Microprocessor-controlled inputs, including multiple destinations, speed, cross track errors, compass corrections, etc., will be displayed.

In its initial form, the YP's plotters will receive their position informa- tion from either satellite navigation receivers or Loran C receivers.

The new YP Class is just one application for the EPSCO INP.

Initial plotter orders have been re- ceived recently for the Navy's new

Patrol Boat Multi-Mission (PBM) craft. The INP may also be inter- faced with multiple sources of navi- gation and target information in- cluding radar, sonar, gyrocompass/ speed log, and the IEEE bus.

EPSCO designs and manufac- tures microwave components and systems, special test and simulation equipment, and navigation systems for both military and commercial markets.



Marine Jet Drives

Offer Unique Advantages

In the late 1950's a company,

Buehler, used patent and manufac- turing rights from New Zealander

John Hamilton to produce a line of water jet propelled boats and larger jet units which gained limited acceptance in the commercial and military fields.

Other firms soon entered the competition including Jacuzzi Bros.

The period between 1960 and 1983 was active for people who built jet drives.

In 1982 Jacuzzi made the decision to discontinue manufacture of their

Marine Drive Systems. Considering their considerable success in the commercial and military market, the decision surprised many people.

Len Hill, who was the Marine

Jet Product Manager at Jacuzzi, was able to purchase the Jacuzzi

Marine Jet product line and manu- facturing rights. He then formed a new company, North American Ma- rine Jet, Inc., located in Benton,


North American Marine Jet man- ufactures a full line of water propul- sion drives, ranging from the No- mera 12 for automotive marine en- gines to the Nomera 20 which is used with engines such as the De- troit Diesel 92 series, M.A.N, and other lighter weight 2300 RPM en- gines.

Based on increasing interest in jet drives for applications throughout the world, North American is con- centrating their efforts on military and commercial applications using the Nomera 14 and 20 unit either "stock" or with custom modifica- tion. These units are the Jacuzzi design with design detail improve- ments for increased horsepower ca- pacity, longer component life and better performance potential, (continued on page 46)




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