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A Review

Over the years we have published many feature articles that reviewed the latest designs and developments of diesel engines per se. For the review that follows, we decided to report on the many kinds of ancil- lary equipment and services that transform the diesel prime movers into total marine propulsion sys- tems.

We asked many manufacturers both in the U.S. and abroad to tell us about their latest diesel-related equipment. This roundup is based upon the replies that we had re- ceived by press time.

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Alco Power Inc. of Auburn, N.Y., is currently involved in a project that will add increased fuel efficien- cy to its model 251 diesel engine, as well as decrease the amount of time required to achieve rated horsepow- er and speed from engine idle speed.

This is accomplished by the applica- tion of the model 131 turbocharger on the Alco 16-cylinder 251 CE die- sel engine. This is now being tested in towboat service on the Lower


Alco is also involved with the development of a new piston design to further increase fuel efficiency over its current valve-pocketed de- sign. Other developments on the horizon include continued experi- mentation with heavy fuels, cam- shaft design changes, and work with turbocharger application, all of which will add up to increased fuel efficiency.

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Alfa-Laval, Inc. of Fort Lee, N.-J., has available a new 16-page color brochure describing its activities and the kinds of technologies in which it is involved. These include centrifugal separation, energy man- agement, process systems, and bio- technology.

The new brochure, "Serving

America with Technology for a

Changing World," gives a detailed description of products and systems manufactured by Alfa-Laval's two major units in the U.S., the Indus- trial Group based in Fort Lee and the Agri Group in Kansas City.

Alfa-Laval, Inc. is the U.S. sub- sidiary of the international Alfa-

Laval Group headquartered in

Sweden, a world leader in process systems and equipment for a broad range of marine, industrial, and other applications.

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Within the M.A.N.-B&W organi- zation, Alpha Diesel in Frederik- shavn, Denmark, is the specialist in complete marine propulsion sys- tems.

In one of the most modern facto- ries of its kind, Alpha Diesel's more than 80 years of experience is coor- dinated and translated under one roof into high-quality diesel en- gines, gearboxes, propeller equip- ment, and remote controls. The complete propulsion system is cov- ered by a single warranty and sup- ported by a worldwide service or- ganization, with spare parts stocked at all important locations.

The Alpha system primarily con- sists of a modern M.A.N.-B&W four-stroke, medium-speed diesel engine designed for efficient opera- tion on heavy fuel; an Alpha gearbox designed for heavy-duty operation; an Alpha controllable-pitch propel- ler of rugged design; and an Alpha electronic remote control system to obtain the best possible fuel econo- my.

The power range of the Alpha die- sel is 680-5,400 bhp per engine and multiples thereof.

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American Metal Bearing Compa- ny of Garden Grove, Calif., has just published a new full-color brochure, "Excellence in Bearing Design and

Manufacture." The eight-page pub- lication outlines the product lines, design and manufacturing methods, experience, and client list of the company.

AMB has been manufacturing and maintaining large bearings for ship propulsion systems since 1921.

The company now offers a compre- hensive service to shipbuilders, shipowners, and navies, designing, manufacturing, and maintaining complete, fully integrated propeller shaft bearing systems.

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The Heat Transfer Divison of

American-Standard Inc., Buffalo,

N.Y., has published a new bulletin giving details of small, pre-engi- neered, fixed-tube-sheet heat ex- changers used for heaters or oil cool- ers in a wide variety of industrial applications.

The brochure includes data on the 57 BCF® model heat exchangers, many of which are available from local American-Standard distribu- tor stock. Also included is informa- tion about HCF® models, which can be quickly assembled using stan- dard, pre-engineered components to accommodate special shell and tube materials, special tube sizes, nozzle configurations and orientations, special gaskets, and mountings.

Model HFF units, also included in the new bulletin, feature SAE- flanged, shell-side connections for quick bolt-in-place installation.

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ARMCO "How Armco Now Provides You

Bigger and Better Aquamet Boat

Shafting" is the title of a new bro- chure published by Armco's Spe- cialty Steels Division headquartered in Butler, Pa.

To make its Aquamet shafting even more appealing to naval archi- tects and boatbuilders, Armco pro- vides shafts with four different com- binations of properties , each offer- ing special advantages in either properties or price. Aquamet 17, 18, 19, and 22 shafting have varying degrees of strength, toughness, cor- rosion resistance, and cost to meet customers' specific requirements for a variety of applications, from use on tugs, patrol boats, commercial vessels, and pleasure craft.

Current mill modernization com- bined with free design assistance and ready product availability make

Armco a leading choice for boat shafting, and new Armco facilities and equipment provide new sizes and better quality and precision.

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American United Marine Corpo- ration, headquartered in Saugus,

Mass., is the exclusive U.S. repre- sentative for A/S Maritek of Bergen

Norway, a consulting engineering firm that has developed perform- ance monitoring systems for diesel engines. These include the Maritek torque thrust meter, waste heat pro- gram, combustion analyzer pro- gram, scavenging air program, and performance program.

The Maritek Combustion Analyz- er (MCA) is a computer-based die- sel engine analyses program using fuel injection, cylinder pressure, scavenging air pressure, and crank angle indicator. The MCA output provides: graphical and numerical presentation of cylinder pressure and fuel injection pressure; mean indicated pressure and indicated horsepower; ignition timing/ignition lag; and bar graph of MEP cylinder comparison. Additional data of compression pressure, maximum cy- linder pressure, expansion pressure, ignition, and injection timing are compared with reference curves.

MCA programs are available for slow- and medium-speed diesel en- gines for both newbuilding and ret- rofit vessels. The additional Mari- tek programs of waste heat scaveng- ing air deal with energy balance and recovery.

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The product of years of research and development by BFGoodrich and Lucian Q. Moffitt, Inc. of

Akron, Ohio, Cutless® brand bear- ings have an outstanding reputation for high-quality and long-lasting performance. A tough, resilient rub- ber lining and exclusive water wedge design are the two distinguishing characteristics largely responsible for Cutless bearings' 60-year history of success in marine applications.

BFGoodrich's basis for using rub- ber as opposed to traditional hard- surfaced material is its low friction coefficient when wet. Resistant to oil, grease, and most chemical solu- tions, rubber bearings last many times longer than hard-surfaced bearings in the most severe abrasive conditions.

Adding to the Cutless bearing's long life is its exclusive water wedge design that incorporates rubber grooves that easily channel the flow of water. As the shaft rotates, dirt and grit roll into the grooves and flush away, maximizing lubrication and minimizing damage to the bear- ing and shaft.

Cutless bearings are designed with either metal or non-metallic shells. Those with metal backing come in either a full-molded style of solid or split design, as well as in a segmental style. The Cutless FE (fi- berglass epoxy) bearing is also avail- able.

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Off-the-shelf availability and low exchange price are key benefits of

Caterpillar Tractor Company's fac- tory-remanufactured turbochargers.

Now available for 3208, 3306, 3406, and 3408 engines, these turbocharg- ers offer minimum downtime at prices as low as 25 percent of the new turbocharger price.

Cat's remanufactured turbo- chargers incorporate the latest de- sign advances for longer life, better performance, and improved fuel economy. The company backs them with the same national warranty as new turbochargers—six months, un- limited mileage/hours—honored by more than 2,500 engine parts and service locations in North America (some 3,500 worldwide).

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