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The Cincinnati Gear Company in

Ohio has recently made significant advancements in the design and manufacture of large carburized, hardened, and precision-ground (CHG) gears that will be of special interest to naval architects, marine engineers, and shipbuilders.

In a technically unprecedented move, CGCO has produced CHG gears with a diameter well over 100 inches (9 feet) for use in a new class of T-AO fleet oilers developed by the U.S. Navy and being con- structed by Avondale Shipyards.

The T-AO is powered by two 16,500-bhp diesel engines, each cou- pled to a CGCO gearbox. This ma- chining milestone has established

Cincinnati Gear as the primary source for all CHG gears over this diameter. These large gears can be produced to meet AGMA Class 15 level quality requirements, while some of the elements may exceed

AGMA 15 levels.

Propulsion systems making use of the higher level AGMA quality gears operate with much lower noise and vibration levels than conven- tional gearboxes. Moreover, audible noise signatures sent out by noisy drive trains are greatly reduced, al- lowing warships to move closer to their targets without being de- tected. And because the gears have been made to a specified blueprint value, mating is not required when retrofitting; an individual gear can be replaced instead of the entire gearbox.

In drive systems using CHG gears, the gear tooth surfaces gener- ally have a Rockwell C hardness val- ue of 60. As a result, gears are designed with a high power density allowing the manufacture of large marine drives being at least 20 per- cent smaller and lighter than con- ventional through-hardened designs developed during World War II.

To accomplish the grinding of large precision gears, CGCO has in- stalled the largest ultra-precision grinder in the U.S. It is equipped with in-cycle inspection equipment for measuring tooth spacing and for checking involute and lead. CGCO gears are designed with built-in per- formance modifications that insures full-face contact during full load.

The inspection equipment comput- er prints out the exact AGMA quali- ty level achieved and eliminates the need for operator interpretation of blips traced on a strip chart. By the time the gears are taken from the machine, their quality level has been checked, established, and re- corded several times.

Cincinnati Gear Company has been a leader in CHG gearing since 1936, and this long learning curve is the key to making large CHG gears an affordable alternative for future marine drives. By applying CGCO's latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment, gears of lower than

March 15, 1985

Class 15 quality can be produced with new-found economies.

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Premium Blue, a new premium grade 15W-40 diesel engine lube oil from Cummins Engine Company of

Columbus, Ind., is now available in the Southeastern states in a test marketing plant that will result in national distribution of the oil by mid-1985.

The test marketing is Cummins's first major step in a program to pro- vide operators of diesel engines with a lube oil designed specifically to maximize performance of their en- gines. The project has resulted in the development of a combination of oil base stock, viscosity improv- ers, detergents, and stabilizing addi- tives to create a premium multi- grade oil.

Premium Blue is specially blended to provide cold start pro- tection in temperatures as low as minus 13 F. Laboratory tests have shown less oil consumption until overhaul of an engine, and up to 30 percent more miles between over- hauls as a result of improved lubri- cation and superior protection against oxidation and wear.

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How do you mark the spot at

Accurate position measurement is our business. Our modern Raydist DRS-H system can "mark the spot" within a few feet for your offshore work hundreds of miles seaward.

To obtain continuous, repeatable data we use shore stations — just two of them. Our shore station electronic packages are 100 percent solid state for highest reliability; light weight (only 27 pounds) and low power (just 2 amps at 24 volts DC). It takes about two hours to install an operating station, making Raydist by far the most portable radiolocation system available for use beyond line-of-sight.

Do you have unusual or demanding requirements? Raydist has enough built-in flexibility to handle almost any individual need, such as four-party range-range operation, and enough output flexibility to handle our wide selection of control and dis- play accessories; or to interface directly with your computer or digital tape recorder.

U K INVITE YOU to see a complete demonstration of Raydist in opera- tion aboard our research vessel,


Raydist is available for sale or lease world-wide. For information regarding Raydist systems and the complete line of Raydist accessories, call or write: ^TELEDYNE HASTINGS-RAYDIST

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Cable Address: TDY HASTHAMP

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