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eluding: marine propulsion gears for military and commercial vessels; in- dustrial gear drives used in the pro- duction, transportation, and pro- cession of petroleum, natural gas, and chemicals; drives used in the generation of electrical power; and gears used for refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

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Wright-Austin Company of De- troit, supplier to the Navy and mer- chant marine for more than 55 years, manufactures entrainment separators for removing condensate from any on-board air or steam sys- tems.

All of the company's separators meet or exceed all requirements of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast

Guard, and the American Bureau of

Shipping. Military ships currently using Wright-Austin separators in- clude the Navy's nuclear aircraft carriers, guided-missile cruisers, de- stroyers, and rescue/salvage vessels, as well as the Coast Guard's me- dium-endurance cutters.

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Get your bearings.

Stay on course:

Get Cutless bearings.

Made only by BFGoodrich.

There are lots of water-lubricated shaft bearings.

But the only one that's earned the right to be called Cutless is made by BFGoodrich.

In fact, that good old water-lubricated Cutless bearing is better than ever. Its exclusive "Water

Wedge" channels, molded from a tough, specially- formulated BFGoodrich resilient rubber, wash away dirt and abrasive particles. And any water- fresh, salt, even sand-filled—will lubricate the

Cutless bearing.

You H find Cutless bearings in yards and marine stores around the world. In a full range of shaft diameters and lead capacities.

So uphold a seagoing tradition: set your course for Cutless bearings. Only from BFGoodrich.

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Thrust Is Forwards And

Sideways And Backwards



Thrusts Underway

Thrusts While Pitching

No Reversing Impeller to Change Directions

Minimum Buoyancy Loss

Smaller Hull Penetration

Fuel Savings

OMNITHRUSTER DOES IT ALL! » Thrusts with nozzles out of water in rough seas: vertical systems only. » No protrusions ... no change in hull shape. » Small nozzles reduce drag . . . save fuel and passage time. » Easily retrofitted.

Micro Processor Control

System. Model 1200A with gyro input . holds vessel's heading System also accepts compatible

NAV AIDS (ore-aft and slow speed propulsion and positioning.


OMNITHRUSTER ship control systems* utilize individual module thrusters of up to 3000 HP in any combination to produce desired forward or lateral net thrust. Prime movers for the

Modular Thruster System may be electric, hydraulic or diesel powered in conjunction with manual/automatic or integrated control networks.

ADVANTAGES FOR LARGE VESSELS . . . • Incremental Thrust Capability • Multiple Module Reliability • Easily Retrofitted or Installed in New

Construction • Minimum Maintenance

OMNITHRUSTER INC. 9515 Sorensen Avenue, Dept. 31-E22

Santa Fe Springs, California 90670 213/802-1818 Telex 194265 OMNI SFES

Cable Address Omnithrust

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PV JTl 100. 1000HP

MODULE THRUSTER •Covered by U S Patents;

Foreign Patents Pending


The Mechanical Drives Division of Zurn Industries, Inc., Erie, Pa., has just published a new eight-page catalog covering its seven product lines. The new brochure provides highlight information including fea- tures and application data, as well as size, torque, and misalignment ranges of the Zurn mechanical drives product lines.

The catalog is designed to make this basic information readily avail- able to design, application, mainte- nance, and production engineers and other prospects for necessary product decisions. The customer is then directed to the appropriate in- depth catalog for complete detailed information.

Zurn has six detailed catalogs available totaling 146 pages of data.

The separate catalogs are: Ameri- gear® and American® standard cou- pling designs; Amergear Class I high-performance gear couplings;

Ameriflex® high-performance dia- phragm couplings; Amerigear flexi- ble spindles; Zurn/Voith universal joints; and Zurn TORC torque over- load release clutches. All of these products are outlined in the new condensed bulletin, which includes a postcard order form to expedite delivery of the appropriate detailed catalog(s).

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Annual Net Income Of

McLean Industries Rose 132 Percent For 1984

United States Lines' parent com- pany, McLean Industries, has re- ported 1984 net income of $61,564,000 on revenues of $959 mil- lion, compared with the previous year's net of $26,552,000 on reve- nues of $784.5 million.

The parent firm's president,

Malcom P. McLean, attributed the 132-percent rise in net income to "continuing improvements in the efficiency of our transportation sys- tem." The 22-percent growth in rev- enues, he said, was the result of new ships being placed in service and continuing growth in cargo vol- umes.

Report On Domestic

Waterborne Commerce

Available From MarAd

The Maritime Administration has recently released an updated report on "Domestic Waterborne Trade of the United States 1978-1982." Pre- pared by MarAd's Office of Domes- tic Shipping, the 225-page report provides a comprehensive analysis of cargo tonnages and commodities shipped in the domestic ocean,

Great Lakes, and inland waterways trade. The last report in this series, published in 1983, covered the years 1976-80.

Copies of the new publication are available from the Office of Domes- tic Shipping, Maritime Administra- tion, U.S. Department of Transpor- tation, 400 7th Street, S.W., Room 7301, Washington, D.C. 20590; (202) 462-4373. 36 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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