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ery unless a properly engineered control system is installed.

WABCO control systems are de- signed on the concept of single han- dle control of all maneuvering oper- ations through a sequenced and in- terlocked control system, which in- sures that the proper operation of engines, clutches, reverse gears, and associated propulsion machinery is obtained without relying on opera- tor judgment to time or anticipate propulsion machinery functions.

The flexibility and adaptability of pneumatic controls permits the in- stallation of multiple operating sta- tions with interlocked control trans- fer to insure that only one station can be in control at anytime. Rug- ged control components provide de- pendable operation under extreme operating conditions experienced in shipboard installations. The rela- tively uncomplicated component and control system construction fa- cilitates maintenance and service- ability, contributing to extended system life and low maintenance costs.

Production control systems such as Gearmaster, Logicmaster Hy- draulic Clutch, and Logicmaster Air

Clutch are available for standard engine reverse gear applications.

They combine proven, high-per- formance WABCO Pneumatic com- ponents in factory-assembled, test- ed, and pre-adjusted control units to simplify shipboard installation.

All components are sub-base mounted, where possible, for easy and convenient servicing. These sys- tems are generally applicable for installation up to 4,000 bhp per engine.

Recent control techniques com- bine the advantages of electronics and pneumatics to provide high- speed, electronic signal transmis- sion from very distant remote sta- tions, converted to pneumatic power at the engine location to perform the normal interlocking, sequenc- ing, and positioning operations re- quired.

WABCO's Helmmaster control systems combine the normally sepa- rate control levers for main engine/ propellers, bow and stern thrusters, and rudders into a single joystick control lever that can precisely con- trol vessel maneuvering.

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Ward Leonard Electric Company of Mount Vernon, N.Y., offers a full complement of quality electric con- trols and other shipboard equip- ment for both defense- and mari- time-oriented applications. In- cluded are state-of-the-art solid- state motor starters, battery chargers, and uninterrupted power supplies, which may be used with equipment that turns a diesel en- gine into a complete marine propul- sion system.

These modern designs offer high efficiency, smaller and lighter enclo- sures, and lower costs. Ward Leon- ard also is the prime designer of a new system for the remote control of motors using fiber optics. Over the years, the company has furnished much equipment for numerous nav- al and commercial vessels.

Ward Leonard's manufacturing facilities are extensive, utilizing the latest techniques and quality con- trol procedures. Its design and pro- duction force is experienced and knowledgeable, permitting quick and efficient response to customer requirements.

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The Power Transmission Division of Western Gear Corporation re- cently entered into a license agree- ment with Rademakers Aandrij- vingen of Rotterdam giving the Di- vision the right to manufacture and sell the Dutch company's epicylic planetary transmissions in all of

North America.

This particular Rademakers product line is based on the Stoeck- icht design, which provides for a compact co-axial shaft transmission with low noise levels, high efficien- cies, and high reliability. Applica- tions for these transmissions in- clude speed increases and decreas- es for turbine generators, pumps, and compressors, and various ma- rine propulsion reduction gears.

The Power Transmission Division manufactures an extensive line of power transmission equipment in-

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