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BSC Plates

BSC Special Steels

BSC Stainless Steels

BUE Ships

BW Mud

Babcock Offshore

Bahco Kraftvertyg

Bailey Controls Company

Baker Sand Control


Baldt (UK)

Balmoral Hitec Buoyancy

Balmoral Glassfibre

Balmoral Nav-Aids

Balfour Beatty Construction

Banchory Instruments

Bank of Scotland

Barton Conduits

Basin Analysts

FWO Bauch

Baugh and Weeden

Bauteil Engineering


Begg & Partners

Beli Helicopter Textron



Benthos Inc

Isaac Bentley


Bently Nevada

City of Bergen

Bergenske Services


Bettis Actuators


Big Inch Marine Systems

Birns Oceanographies (UK)

Bjorndal & Gundestrup

Blackpool Airport

Blohm & Voss

Boeing Vertol

Bolidt Kunststoftoe-passing

Bolting Technology

John Booth & Sons (Bolton)

Borg Warner

Boston Insulated Wire (UK)

Boyce Engineering International

Brand Offshore

Brindley Chains

Brissonneau et Lotz Marine

British Brown Boveri

British Engines

British Engines Repair Division

British Gas

British Overseas Trade Board

British Ropes

British Steel Corporation

Tubes Division

British Switengen

British Telecommunications

British Transformers

Pump Division

Thos Broadbent & Sons

Donald Brown (BrownaH)

John Brown




Neil Brown Instrument Systems

Bruce International


J O Buchanan & Co

Budenberg Gauge

Burmah Castrol

Byron Jackson

CE Offshore Productions

Systems Inc


CIC Offshore

CJB Development

CMP Glands Ltd

CP Mega

CS Products (Testing Equipment)

Cabot Alloys (UK)



Caledonia Fabrication

Caledonian Personnel Services

Caledonian Project Systems

Caledonian Tavage


Camera Alive

Camera di Commercio

Cameron Ironworks

Canadian Government

Canadian Faremost

Candwell Manufacturing

Canflex Manufacturing

Caproco Corrosion Prevention

Carborundum Resistant Materials

Carpenter Technology Corporation

Cavins Oilwell Tools

Celab Exem

Central Office of Information

Chadburn Engineering

Chantiers de I'atlantique

Christie Hydraulics

Chubb Fire


Clausen Kaldager Instruments

Clydesdale Bank

Cochrane Subsea International


Colnbrook Instrument Devt Ltd

Colts Engineering Sales Ltd


Combustion Engineering

Compair Broomwade Industrial

Compair Holman

Compair Reavell

Compounding Ingredients

Compression Labs



Consafe Engineering

Consafe Offshore

Consafe Technology

Coopers & Lybrand

Core Laboratories UK


Cosorzio Bergarno Export



Cristal Profor

Cromarty Firth Engineering

Cromarty Industries

Cromarty Port Authority

Crompton Vidor

Crosby Group

Cumbernauld Devt Group

Cutting & Weir

DBE Technology

Dailey Oil Tools

Dale Fabrikker



Daleseide & Floysand

Damco Offshore

Danfoss System Hydraulik A/S

Danish Trade Office

Export Promotion Danmark

Dansk Trade Office

Dansk Radio A/S

Darchem Offshore

Dawson Offshore

J T Day

De Regt Special Cables

Deloro Stellite


Denholm Offshore

Peter Dennis Marketing

Department of Energy

Offshore Supplies Office

Det norske Veritas

Detector Electronics

Detroit Engine

Development Engineering


Dolphin Hydraulics

Doncasters Special Alloys

Doran Engineering Co

Dowding & Mills

Dowty Group




Draeger Safety International


Dresser Europe

Dresser UK

Drexel Equipment (UK)

Dril-Quip (Europe) (continued on page 26)

Any of the products in this catalog may be supplied from either location shown. Write for your FREE copy of the new catalog or circle the appropriate reader service number. ^Ilp Transamenca 11f Delaval

Transamerica Instruments Ltd., Marine Dept.

Lennox Road

Basingstoke, Hampshire RG22 4AW


Telephone: (0256) 20244,

Telex: 858103 (CECBAS G)

Circle 201 on Reader Service Card

For customers in the U.S.

Transamerica Delaval

Cowles Road

Plainville, CT 06062-9990 U.S.A. (203) 677-1311,

Telex: 99306

Circle 202 on Reader Service Card • Axial Multi-Rotor Pumps

Pyramid Pump Division

For fuel/lube oil and hydraulic service. • Pressure Transducers, Pressure and Signal Conditioned


Transamerica Instruments Ltd.

For 'mechanical health' monitoring and for tank gauging. • Pressure and Vibration Sensors

Transamerica Instruments Ltd.

Monitors vibration on rotating machinery. • Pressure Switches

Barksdale Controls Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

For shipboard pressure control. • Temperature Switches

Barksdale Controls Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

For temperature control... shipboard or offshore. • Externally-mounted Liquid Level


Gems Sensors Division and Weka AG

For high visibility to replace sight glasses. • Liquid Level Switches

Gems Sensors Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

Provide single-station, multi-level or externally-mounted monitoring. • Manual Check Level Switches

Gems Sensors Division

Used for closed loading applications. • Non-electric, Manually-operated

Level Indicators

Gems Sensors Division

For quick periodic tank monitoring using calibrated tape. • Sounding Tape

Gems Sensors Division

Provides accurate, portable ullage level indication. • Flow Switches

Gems Sensors Division

Protect shipboard systems.


Excellence in quality... world-wide manufacturing and service... long-life dependability... long list of approvals.

A new 28-page catalog is now available describing a full line of high-quality products for a broad range of marine applications... aboard ship or offshore. All from a single source, backed by worldwide sales, service and manufacturing.

For continuous monitoring. Flexible styles for deep tanks, or solar- powered units for use where power not available. • Liquid Level Tank Indicators

Gems Sensors Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

August 15, 1985 23

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