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Offshore Europe (continued)

With Emergency Shutdown Sys- tems," by J.R. Huse, Det norske

Veritas. 3:30 pm: Coffee break. 3:45 pm: "Engineering Critical As- sessment—A Case History", by Dr.

D.M. Wheeler, Total Oil Marine

Engineering & Construction Ltd.;

N. Baker, Total Oil Marine pic; S.

Nelson, Occidental Petroleum ticulated Column Platform," by Dr.

A.K. Sasu and Dr. M. Raznahan,

Brown & Root (UK) Ltd. 12:45 pm: "Testing Program for

Development of a High-Pressure,

Multi-Product Fluid Swivel," by

J.W. Key, Offshore Production

Systems Inc.; and H.O. Mohr, H.O.

Mohr Associates. 1:15 pm: Conclusion of confer- ence.




AB Controls & Technology

ACB/Subsea Technology

AEI Cables. Rubber & Plastic

Cable Division

AG Alloys



A/S Albatros International



ASV Vik Verk


AV Technology Ltd

AVT Engineering Services

AW Alloys

A-Z International

Aalborg Vaerft Offshore

Aalco Aberdeen

Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen Drilling Schools

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Aberdeen Scaffolding

University of Aberdeen

Adamson Containers


Agco Unicell


Agusta Spa

A Ahlstroem Osakeyhtioe

Ahlemann & Schlatter

Airscrew Howden Ltd

Government of Alberta

Alenco North Sea

Alexandra Towing

Alfa Laval


Allen Gauge & Tool Co

Allied Colloids



American Bureau of Shipping

Ametek Offshore

Amco Associates

Amsterdam Ymuiden Offshore Port

The Analysts Inland Services

Anderson Greenwood International

Anderson Strathclyde

Andrew Chalmers & Mitchell Ltd

Angle Ring

LS Angus

Angus District Council

Anixter (UK)


Arbarthorpe Oilfield Services

Arbroath Oilfield Trust

Armstrong Tool Dist.

Arrow Chemicals


Asea Hagglunds

Aspley Marine

Association of British Offshore


Associated British Ports

Atkins Research & Development

Atlantic Canada Airborne Sensing

Atlas Copco (Great Britain)

Atlas-Danmark A/S

Confederation of Western

Australian Industry

Austrian Shipbuilding Industry

Austrian Trade Commission


Avesta Johnson Stainless

Avesta Sandvik Tube

BEL Grapnel

BEL Valves

BET Plant Services

BICC Group


General Cables

Power Cables



BMV Maskin (Caledonia) Ltd.; and D. Shipley,

Oilfab Technical Services. 5:15 pm: Conclusion of session.

Friday, September 13

Conference Room One

Innovative Field


Chairmen: C. Friedlander, engin- nering manager, Conoco (UK)

Ltd.: and D. Wootton, engi- neering director, Phillips Petro- leum Company Ltd. 9:30 am: "High-Pressure Flexible

Pipes for Marginal Field Develop- ment," by A. D. Griffiths, Oil &

Marine Division, Dunlop Ltd. 10:00 am: "Conoco Hutton TLP

Riser Tensioning System—Design,

Development & Testing for Maxi- mum Reliability," by D.W. Har- vey, Atkins Research & Develop- ment; L.J. Adams, Vetco Offshore

Ltd.; and R. Myers, Conoco Inc. 10:30 am: "TARA—Tartan Addi- tional Riser Access System," by

S.A. Wheeler, Texaco North Sea

UK Company; and R.A.M. Hunt,

Oilfab Group Ltd. 11:00 am: "Deepwater Drilling &

Production Articulated Column—

Water Depth 350 Meters," by F.

Baduel, Elf Aquitaine; and A.

Figenschou, ACN Norway A/S. 11:30 am: Coffee break. 11:40 am: "A Steel Jacket for 1,000-foot Water Depth," by A.K

Henriksson, Norsk Hydro A/S. 12:15 pm: "Design Considerations for a Deenwfltpr Pilp-FminHpd Ar-

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