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service manager, Otis Pressure

Control Ltd. 9:30 am: "Reliability Analysis of

Alternative Gas Well Safety Valve

Completions," by P.M. Wilson, Pe- troleum Development Oman, and

S.O. Okeke, Nederlandse Aadolie

Maatschappij. 10:00 am: "Development of a

Deepset Electric Solenoid Subsur- face Safety Valve System," by J.S.

Gresham, Shell International Pe- troleum Maatschappij; and T.A.

Turcich, Cameo Inc. 10:30 am: "Development of Down- hole Equipment for Beatrice ESP

Wells," by J.K. Brown and D.

Bills, Britoil pic. 11:00 am: Coffee break. 11:15 am: "Offshore Preparation of Hutton TLP to Minimize Off- shore Hookup," by J. Repon, Bech- tel Petroleum Inc.; and T.E.

McDonald, Conoco (UK) Ltd. 11:45 am: "Ultra-violet Disinfec- tion of Injection Seawater for Sec- ondary Oil Recovery," bv H.W.

Brunner and H-P Klein, BBC

Brown Boveri & Company Ltd. 12:15 pm: "North Sea Produced

Water Systems," by C.R. Bond,

Britoil pic. 12:45 pm: Lunch. 2:00 pm: "Scale Inhibitor Squeeze

Treatment of the High Volume

Wells in the Piper Field," by D.J.

May, B.A. MacDonald, and F.A.

Guitart, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.; and G.E. Jack- son, Petrolite Ltd. 2:30 pm: "Downhole Scale Dissolu- tion Technology," by Dr. A.F.

Clemmit and D.C. Ballance, Akzo

Chemie UK Ltd. 3:00 pm: "Technical Advance- ments in Submersible Pump Power

Cables for Harsh Environments," by R. Guzy and J. Vandevier,

CentrilifWHughes. 3:30 pm: Coffee break. 3:45 pm: "Experience of Perfora- tion Under Drawdown Using Tub- ing Conveyed Guns on the Beatrice

Field," by J.C. Allen, G. Weighill, and P.C. Moore, Britoil pic. 4:15 pm: "High Differential Pres- sure, Radial Flow Characteristics of

Gun Perforations," by R.S. Riggs,

Jet Research Center Inc. 4:45 pm: "Offshore Pipelines in

European Maritime Areas—the

Years Ahead," by C.J. Smith,

Bechtel Great Britain Ltd. 5:15 pm: Conclusion of session.

Conference Room Two


Chairmen: D. Davis, head of simu- lation research, Koninkijke

Shell Laboratorium; and S.

Gibson, petroleum engineering manager, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. 9:30 am: "Techniques for Quan- tifying Formation Stress & Fracture

Fluid Response for Optimum Hy- draulic Fracturing," by R.E. Coop- er, Dowell Schlumberger; and

M.R. Frisinger, Schlumberger In- land Services. 9:50 am: "The Influence of Down- hole Conditions on the Leakoff

Properties of Fracturing Fluids," by

G.S. Penny, W.G. Ford, and

M.W. Conway, Halliburton Ser- vices. 10:10 am: "Hydraulic Fractur- ing—Twenty Years of North Sea

Experience," by R.W. Stephens,

BP Petroleum Development Ltd.; and J.P. Martins, BP Research. 10:30 am: Forum led by session chairmen and speakers. 11:15 am: Coffee break.

Inspection & Maintenance

Chairmen: J. Hollis, technical manager, Britoil pic; and T.

Ridley, head of operations-

Brent Field, Shell UK Explora- tion & Production Ltd. 11:30 am: "Collection of Corrosion

Data on Offshore Structures & Use in Planned Maintenance," by A.R.

Yates and D.A. Constantinis,

SGS UK NDT Group. 12:00 noon: "Cathodic Protection of Offshore Structures—Problems & Solutions," by D.N.C. Robson,

Britoil pic. 12:30 pm: "Underwater Inspection & Surveys Using Computer Man- agement," by G. Mills and D. Ball,

Oceaneering International Services

Ltd. 1:00 pm: Lunch. 2:00 pm: "Cold Tapping—Pipeline

Subsea Maintenance & Repair

Technique," by R. Quin, Total Ma- rine Norsk a/s; and P. Wiet, Total

Oil Marine pic. 2:30 pm: "Monitoring of Electro-

Mechanical Plant on Offshore Pro- duction Platforms," by J. Penman and J.R. Smith, Marischal College,

University of Aberdeen; and W.E.

Bryan, Diagnostic & Monitoring

Services Ltd. 3:00 pm: "Review of & Experience (continued on page 22)


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