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Marine Transport Awarded

Oceanographic Ship

Operating Contract

MTL received a $79.6 million fixed-price contract with cost reim- bursables to operate 12 MSC ocean- ographic ships. The contract ex- tends over a three-year period.

MTL was one of four bidders for this contract.

Avondale Awarded

Three Additional T-AO's

In June the yard received a $321 million fixed-price incentive con- tract to build up to three T-AO 187 fleet oilers. Avondale had already received contracts for four ships in this class. Four shipyards competed for this contract.

Pennship Awarded Two T-AO's

In early May Navy awarded a $222.5 million fixed-price-incentive contract to Pennship for two T-AO 187 fleet oilers. The firm is now the second source for this class of ship.

Five firms competed for this con- tract.

The 1985 Annual




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Marine & Naval Equipment Catalog

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Marine Designers, Naval Architects and Purchasing Agents.


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Space saving physical/ g^ ' chemical design requires 90% less space than biological systems

Low installation costs

Simple, automatic operation

Low operating and maintenance costs

Reliable micro- processor control

Quick delivery... 6 standard models Model ORCA 11-24

Model 11-12 11-24 11-36 11-165 11-330 11-500

Number people served 12 24 36 165 330 500 'If low volume flush toilets are used, the number of people can be doubled

USCG certified and IMO approved

Call or telex Dick Lambert for technical information, brochures or a quotation on a specific model.


Telephone 815/654-8300. Telex 257-415 (ENVIROVAC RKD)

Toll Free (USA only) 800-435-6951 (except in IL, HI. AK)

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Scaffold Planks



Master Plank, an ^ engineered wood product, is a continuous laminated veneer panel that can be cut into any required size for use as scaffold planks, beams and headers, etc. Available in standard widths. Master Plank, a wood laminate, provides strength properties superior to solid sawn wood. Warping, knotting and twisting are reduced, making the panel more consistently uniform.

For more information contact:


P.O. Box 38027-A. 7751 Lyndon Avenue

Detroit, Ml 48238

Telex 23-0300. Telephone (313) 861-2523

Bethlehem-Sparrows Point

Awarded Two T-AGS

Navy in late June awarded a $132.8 million fixed-price contract to Bethlehem Steel to build two T-

AGS oceanographic survey ships. It was one of three bidders for the con- tract. Without this work it was hard to see how the yard could survive.

According to industry sources,

Bethlehem Steel's offer was 17-25 percent lower than competing bids.

Halter Marine Awarded

Six Ship T-AGOS Contract

In April Halter received an $85.5 million fixed-price contract to build six ocean surveillance ships. The first 12 ships in this class were con- tracted to Tacoma Boatbuilding.

Thirteen firms competed for this contract. 4. PROJECTED MARKET

The shipbuilding program will continue to throw off business op- portunities for many types of com- panies.

New DOD Industry Forecasts

Exhibit 8 of the Complete August

Update shows projected demand to be directly or indirectly generated in specific industry sectors by the

Navy shipbuilding program. These numbers are based on the FY 1986 budget request and accompanying five year shipbuilding plan. They update data shown on pp. 63-64 in the IMA May report.

Use of These Data

Readers should treat these projec- tions with caution. Their accuracy depends on the assumptions used in the I/O modeling technique. It is recommended that a copy of "De- fense Purchases: An Introduction to

DEIMS" be obtained and studied.

This booklet describes the method- ology used to make these forecasts.

It can be obtained from the DOD

Office of Industrial Base Assess- ment, 5203 Leesburg Pike, Falls

Church, Virginia 22401. 5. REVISED NAVY


Two changes have been made in the business-end of the Navy orga- nization and some new names ap- pear among the key contacts.

Naval Material Command


For years the Naval Material

Command has been regarded an un- necessary organization layer. In

April the issue was resolved by its elimination.

Many of the Material Command functions were absorbed into a new organization—the Office of Naval

Acquisition Support. Each of the five systems commanders now re- port directly to the Chief of Naval

Operations for progam execution, and to the Secretary of Navy for policy. 34 Circle 253 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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