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Matson Asks Bids

On $30 Million

Conversion of 'Matsonia'

Matson Navigation Company has sent invitations, to selected ship- yards on the three U.S. coasts, to bid on conversion of the roll-on/roll- off trailer ship Matsonia to a combi- nation RO/RO and lift-on/lift-off container carrier for the West

Coast-Hawaii trade.

This followed a preliminary in- quiry by Matson to shipyards around the country to determine which yards have the capability to handle the job that will enlarge, widen and lengthen the vessel and nearly triple its cargo capacity. "The additional lift capacity is being added to accommodate pro- jected cargo needs of the State of

Hawaii," said C.B. Mulholland, senior vice president-freight divi- sion. "The unique cargo characteris- tics of the converted Matsonia, with its combination carriage, will pro- vide Hawaii shippers with a highly flexible and efficient means of mov- ing their goods," he added.

Quotations for the project are ex- pected to range between $30 million to $35 million, according to Arthur

J. Haskell, senior vice president- engineering and marine operations.

Matson plans to award the con- tract before the end of the year. The completed vessel, lengthened to 756 feet by removal of 291Vi feet of the existing midbody and replacement with a 347 V2-foot new section, is

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Mr. Haskell said the project is intended to accomplish the same objectives for the Matsonia as the conversion of its former sister ship

Lurline, reconstructed in 1982, which emerged as one of the most efficient and productive vessels in

Matson's West Coast-Hawaii fleet.

Williams Retires As

Vice President-Sales Of

Equitable Shipyards

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J. Frank Williams

J. Frank Williams, formerly vice president of sales for Equitable

Shipyards Inc. in New Orleans, has announced his retirement from that position due to the reorganization of

Equitable and Halter Marine Inc. by Trinity Industries, the parent firm of both companies. He has been retained as a consultant to Jack

Edwards, president of Halter Ma- rine.

Mr. Williams is currently presi- dent-Southwest Region of the Navy

League of the United States, with responsibility for the states of Tex- as, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Okla- homa. He is a director and member of the Executive Committee of the

League. He is a past president of the

Propeller Club-Port of New Or- leans, and is a member of the board of directors of International House.

Liebherr Awarded Order

By Reading & Bates

For Two Offshore Cranes

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH of

Austria has received an order for two diesel-hydraulic driven BOS 75/ 1200 D offshore pedestal cranes for

Reading & Bates's new semisubmer- sible drilling vessel Zane Barnes, to be built at IHI in Japan.

The cranes will be manufactured at Liebherr Japan, a joint venture established in 1983 between Lieb- herr and NKK. These offshore cranes are rated for full service in ambient temperatures down to — 20° C and dynamically rated to lift 75 metric tons at 8 to 11 meters radius. The whip line can lift 10 metric tons with one part line at 41.3 meters.

The features of the Liebherr de- sign will allow these pedestal off- shore cranes to operate safely in conditions equal to a significant wave height H/3 of 3.6 meters.

For further information,

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