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Raytheon Introduces Digital Depth,

Speed And Temperature Indicator —Free Literature Available

Raytheon Marine Company has introduced the new, multifunction

D-600 Digital Depth, Speed and

Temperature Indicator. Large, dual

LCD readouts display depth (in feet, meters, or fathoms), speed (in knots or miles per hour), surface water temperature (in degrees C or

F), trip/log distance, and elapsed/ count-down time. Four user-preset alarms sound alerts for shallow or deepwater limits, excess speed, and count-down signals. The new com- pact unit has a large keyboard for easy control of all seven functions and alarms.

The Raytheon Model D-600 "In- formation Center" offers outstand- ing range and performance features in one low-cost unit. Depth range is to 600 feet, speed indications to 99.9 knots, and surface water tempera- ture measurements range from 32- 120 degrees F, and 0 to 50 degrees C.

Trip or distance logging is up to 3,000 nm, time measurement up to 30 hours, or count-down from 12 hours. A count-down beep tone sounds at five minutes, one minute, 30, 20,10, 5, 4, 3, 2,1, and 0 seconds.

Raytheon D-600 Digital Depth, Speed and

Temperature Indicator.

The green backlit dual display of nearly %-inch-high digits indicates from "0-999, 0-3,000, or 0:00-30:00 time functions.

The D-600 transmitter operates at 120 kHz for greater depth pene- tration with less susceptibility to "noise pickup."

The Raytheon D-600 is available with either a single-unit transom- mount three-sensor "triducer," or, for through-hull mounting, with two units, one a 120-kHz transducer and one a speed/temperature sensor.

For further information and free literature on the new D-600 Digital

Depth, Speed and Temperature In- dicator from Raytheon Marine,

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Siemens Introduces New

Shipboard Control System —Literature Available

Shipboard operations can be su- pervised and controlled using the newly developed Siemens SIGOS 41

Graphic Operation System. At video data terminals, all measured values and conditions needed for ship- board operations are clearly shown in mimic diagrams employing sym- bols and color change. The system forms a command level over the sec- ondary, self-contained machinery and cargo automation systems.

SIGOS 41 can also be used to trig- ger control operations and to follow their execution in the visual dis- plays. This permits the number of elaborate control desks to be re- duced to a minimum. The system also affords the possibility of estab- lishing hierarchical display struc- tures, thus giving the ship's crew a picture of operations on board, as well as a functional and reliable con- trol level.

The SIGOS 41 system permits an easy and quick selection of displays by operator control, such as with alarm signals. All measured values and signals are displayed in alpha- numeric form, as bars or as symbols.

Standardized interfaces make it possible to connect up with subsys- tems, choosing either star or bus coupling. Among other systems, the

SIMOS 41 and SIMOS 32 inte- grated monitoring systems develop- ed by Siemens, as well as SIMATIC

S5 series of programmable controls can be connected to the SIGOS 41.

In multi-terminal operation, a maximum of eight display terminals can be connected, meaning that up

October 15, 1985

Shipboard operation can be supervised and controlled using the newly developed Sie- mens SIGOS 41 Graphic Operating System. to eight different process displays can be called, monitored, and con- trolled simultaneously. In the inter- active mode, the process displays can be entirely freely prompted and simply parameterized. System data can be protected by a codeword against unauthorized access. A clear and complete documentation of dis- plays specific to a system is possible by log printout while the process presentation is parameterized. The data are stored in non-volatile mem- ories. The basic software is stored in

EPROMS, and the system-related parameters are in magnetic bubble memories.

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Amoco Contracts With

MMS For Planned

Maintenance System

Marine Management Systems,

Inc. (MMS), Stamford, Conn., was awarded a contract to supply their

IBM PC-based Planned Mainte- nance System (PMS) for Amoco

Transport Company, according to an announcement made by MMS vice president Don Logan. This contract supplements an earlier award to MMS for installation of their Spare Parts Inventory Man- agement (SPIM) system.

PMS, operating on the IBM PC/

XT, will be installed on three Amo- co tankers and will interface with the SPIM systems currently in use.

The system will transfer data be- tween ship and Amoco's Chicago office via satellite.

As a Value Added Dealer for

IBM, MMS will provide all the hardware configurations and sup- port for the project. Delivery began in July and will continue through the balance of this year.

For more information on all com- puterized management information systems offered by MMS,

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Bay Tankers Wins $30.7-Million MSC

Ship Operations Contract

Bay Tankers Incorporated, New

York, N.Y., was recently awarded a $30,709,896 fixed-price contract for the operation and maintenance of four TAK-R fast sealift ships. Two of the ships will be in Bayonne, N.J., and two in Violet, La. The ships will be maintained in a four day ready- for-sea status to respond to military contingencies. The contract period is five years which began this sum- mer. There were 150 bids solicited and seven offers received. The con- tract funds would not have expired at the end of the current fiscal year.

The Military Sealift Command,

Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00033-85-C-4006).


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