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ELECTRONICS UPDATE Port of London Awards Norcontrol

Contract For Radar Display System —Free Literature Available

Trimble Introduces

The New LorarrGPS 10X —Literature Available

Trimble Navigation of Mountain

View, Calif., recently introduced its newest navigation aid, the

Loran*GPS 10X.

The combined Loran-GPS (Glob- al Positioning System) 10X pro- vides among the most precise posi- tion, navigation, velocity and time systems available. According to the manufacturer, it will shorten en route times, reduce fuel consump- tion, and improve routing efficien- cy.

The Loran*GPS 10X Computer is a two-unit system comprised of a central processor unit and one or more identical weather sealed re- mote display units. The display unit has a two-line, 16-character LCD display. Each are capable of provid- ing independent status and naviga- tion information.

The central processor unit has a

GPS Sensor, which is a two-channel, multiplexed receiver providing posi- tion updates and velocity once a sec- ond. Position accuracy is typically better than 25 meters. The pro- cessor also includes a Loran Sensor which provides automatic ASF cor- rections to achieve latitude and lon- gitude accuracy of approximately 200 meters and includes the Saudi

Arabia Loran chains. DR position can be calculated when neither sys- tem is available. DR speed and heading will be derived from exter- nal sources. Speed and heading can also be entered manually if external sources are not available.

Three RS-422 I/O's are provided.

These allow the system to receive external speed and heading, inter- face to a Magnavox 4102 and drive autopilots, computers, plotters and data logging devices provided they communicate using NMEA 0183 protocol. One hundred waypoints are also available for extensive trip planning.

For further information and free literature describing the new Loran*

GPS 10X,

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The Port of London Authority has awarded a contract to the Nor- control Division of Kongsberg Ltd., for a new radar display system in the operations room of the Thames

Navigation Service at Gravesend.

Included in the contract are facili- ties for recording information about vessel movements and transferring it to the vessel movement data pro- cessor which has been recently in- stalled.

The project, known as POLARIS (Port of London River Information

System) is a major step towards improving safety for shipping using the river Thames. In 1984, 24,898 seagoing vessels and 13,500 move- ments within the port area handled approximately 48 million tons of cargo. This makes the Port of Lon- don and the river Thames the bus- iest waterway in the United King- dom.

The new radar display system us- ing Norcontrol V0C86 consoles, will cover the port approaches, the oil terminals at Shellhaven and Canvey

Island, the Tilbury Dock complex and upriver as far as Erith. The

V0C86, based on the VOC8OA, ena- bles unlimited off-centering of the displayed area. Conventional radar displays will continue to be used from Erith to Greenwich in the

Thames Barrier Navigation Centre.

These were installed in 1979.

At Gravesend, in the Thames

Navigation Service building, the top floor is being renovated to provide an operations room which will house the new displays and computer ter- minals linked to the vessel move- ment data processor. Five Norcon- trol consoles will display radar in- formation from the four remote ra- dars at Crayfordness, Broadness,

Cliffe and Warden Point and from the local Gravesend radar. Normal- ly, one console will display com- bined radar data from both the

Crayfordness and Broadness ra- dars.

One console will display informa- tion from the local Gravesend radar.

Two consoles will display informa- tion from the Cliffe radar showing two different areas. The fifth dis- play will show radar data from the

Warden Point radar which covers the main approaches to the port of


However, each display console is switchable between the five radar sources and therefore the input from any of the five radars can be displayed on any or all of the

V0C86 consoles or in combination with the other radars.

Vessels entering the port ap- proaches will be tracked by the sys- tem. The integrated tracking facili- ty allows for automatic handover from one radar to the next of vessels inbound or outbound. Vessels at an- chor or alongside berths are moni- tored.

Radar information passes through digital scan converters in each console which convert analo- gue radar signals into digital format for display on high-resolution TV screens together with synthetically produced chart information dis- played in color. The TV presenta- tion allows daylight viewing and an instantaneous visual presentation of the traffic situation in the port and its approaches. A standard feature is the ability to zoom in for a close view of any area of special interest.

With London, Norcontrol will have nine VTM systems operating in the UK. Teesport was the first in 1979 and this was followed by an offshore vessel traffic monitoring system for the Magnus platform op- erated by BP. The Forth Ports Au- thority, Portsmouth and Plymouth are other ports with Norcontrol ves- sel traffic management systems al- ready in operation. Two MOD army ranges have Norcontrol radar sur- veillance systems. In September the

Port of Sullom Voe will be fitted with a Norcontrol system.

Norcontrol, headquartered in

Horten, Norway, is represented in the U.S. by Nav-Control, Inc. of

Halesite, N.Y.

For further literature containing full information,

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J.H MENGE CO . INC 1011 World Trade Bldg 1520 Texas Ave . Houston, Tx. 77002 • 713-224-9750 Diagram showing VOC86 displays in the Thames Navigation Centre.

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