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GASTECH 85 (continued) 21 LNG carriers with a total capac- ity of 2.1 million cubic meters, while no fewer than 43 LPG carriers total- ing 1.7 cubic meters have been de- livered or are under construction.

Visitors to the La Ciotat yard will be able to inspect the latest of these, the 81,000-cubic-meter Berge Ragh- nild, being built for Sig. Bergesen dy & Company of Sweden. This vessel is a third-generation, double-hull, • Axial Multi-Rotor Pumps

Pyramid Pump Division

For fuel/lube oil and hydraulic service. • Pressure Transducers, Pressure and Signal Conditioned


Transamerica Instruments Ltd.

For 'mechanical health' monitoring and for tank gauging. • Pressure and Vibration Sensors

Transamerica Instruments Ltd.

Monitors vibration on rotating machinery. • Pressure Switches

Barksdale Controls Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

For shipboard pressure control. perlite-insulated Type A LPG car- rier. There will also be presentations on the Technigaz Mk. Ill and Gaz

Transport LNG containment sys- tems.

Visit 2: Gaz de France LNG

Terminal at Fos-sur-Mer.

This terminal near Marseilles was commissioned in 1972 with the aim of regasifying 40,000 million kilo- watts per year of LNG originating in

Skikda, Algeria, and of supplying the southeastern region of France with natural gas at a pressure of 67.7 bar, surplus gas from the region • Temperature Switches

Barksdale Controls Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

For temperature control... shipboard or offshore. • Externally-mounted Liquid Level


Gems Sensors Division and Weka AG

For high visibility to replace sight glasses. • Liquid Level Switches

Gems Sensors Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

Provide single-station, multi-level or externally-mounted monitoring. • Manual Check Level Switches

Gems Sensors Division

Used for closed loading applications. being put at the disposal of the national network. This facility was the second French LNG terminal, after Le Havre.

Gastech 85 Exhibitors

French Group Exhibit


Bureau Veritas




Cryostar-France • Liquid Level Tank Indicators

Gems Sensors Division and

Delaval Turbine GmbH

For continuous monitoring. Flexible styles for deep tanks, or solar- powered units for use where power not available. • Non-electric, Manually-operated

Level Indicators

Gems Sensors Division

For quick periodic tank monitoring using calibrated tape. • Sounding Tape

Gems Sensors Division

Provides accurate, portable ullage level indication. • Flow Switches

Gems Sensors Division

Protect shipboard systems.

FMC Europe

Gaz d'Aujourd'hui

Gaz de France

Gaz Transport

GTS Industries

Industrial Valves


IVC Sertere




Petroles et Enterprise

Petroles Informations






British Joint Venture

Alpha Process Controls

Bestobell Valve & Steam


Brooks Instrument

The Energy Industries Council

Insulation & Perlite Services

Liquid Gas Equipment


Orbit Valve

Shipman & Co.

Societe of International Gas

Tanker & Terminal Operators

Thorn-EMI Protech

T.I. Flexible Tubes


German Group

Otto Bosse

Gafahrliche Ladung

L.G.A. Gastechnik

LGI Ingenieur Gesellschaft

Paul Lindeau

Marine Service

Jos. L. Meyer

Gg. Noell

O&K Tagebau und


Gebr. Schmeck

Thyssen Nordseewerke

Dr. H. Tiefenbach

Tuflin Armaturen



V.T.P. Kronenberger


Hitachi Zosen





Nippon Kokan

United States

Anderson-Greenwood USA

J.C. Carter

M.W. Kellogg

Pittsburgh-Des Moines

United Kingdom


MIB International

Pilkington Security Equipment

Other Countries

B&B Engineering, Italy

Beolwerf, Belgium

Chemokomplex, Hungary

Distrigaz, Belgium

Egemin, Belgium

Any of the products in this catalog may be supplied from either location shown. Write for your FREE copy of the new catalog or circle the appropriate reader service number. 5j|p Transamerica


For customers in Europe:

Transamerica Instruments Ltd., Marine Dept

Lennox Road

Basingstoke, Hampshire RG22 4AW


Telephone: (0256) 20244,

Telex: 858103 (CECBAS G)

Circle 201 on Reader Service Card

For customers in the U.S. or Far East:

Transamerica Delaval

Cowles Road

Plainville, CT 06062-9990 U.S.A. (203) 677-1311,

Telex: 99306

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