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MSC Awards 2 Contracts

Totaling $26.2-Million

For Cargo Work

The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift

Command recently awarded two contracts for the transportation of military cargoes to Praia da Vittoria in the Azores and the Naval Air Sta- tion in Bermuda.

A contract estimated by the MSC at $22.3 million went to frailer Ma- rine Transport Corporation of Jack- sonville, Fla., for the carriage of car- go to the Azores from both the Mili- tary Ocean Terminal in Bayonne,

N.J., and the Naval Supply Center in Norfolk.

The Bermuda contract was awarded to Offshore Express Com- pany of Houma, La. This contract is estimated by the MSC as worth approximately $3.9 million. Off- shore Express also has a contract with the Navy to operate harbor tugs at Diego Garcia in the Indian


Both of these contracts cover a period of two years.

Marinette Marine Complete

Expansion Of Dockwall

Along Menominee River

Marinette Marine Corporation of

Marinette, Wise., has just added an- other 1,100 feet to its existing 1,100- foot dockwall along the Menominee

River. Planning for the dockwall ex- tension began in 1982 when Ma- rinette applied for grant funding through the Wisconsin Harbor As- sistance Program. Through approv- al and partial funding by the grant, the shipyard added more than $1 million of its own to develop the project at a total cost of more than $2 million.

The extended dockwall provides for additional ship berthing spaces and was engineered with deeper sheet piles to accommodate future plans for a large vertical shiplift.

The new wall also provides addi- tional land usage for the year, and greater water depth alongside.

The dockwall was designed and engineered by Owen Ayres & Asso- ciates of Eau Clair, Wise., the same firm that designed Marinette's ad- ministrative and technical center and new ship erection building.

Construction was accomplished by

Michigan Lakeshore contractors.

Marinette holds a 99-year lease from the City of Marinette for use of the dockwall.

For full information on the vessels constructed and services offered by

Marinette Marine,

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Avondale Offers Free

Color Brochure On

Full Propeller Line

Avondale Shipyards, Inc., a sub- sidiary of Ogden Corporation, Har- vey Quick Repair Division, Harvey,

La., is offering a free, full-color, foldout brochure on Avondale pro- pellers.

The six-page publication gives an informative synopsis of the propel- ler styles offered by the company, as well as the manufacture, repair and applications of Avondale propel- lers.

The bulletin shows color photo- graphs of the Style "S" (Modified

Taylor), Style "F" (Modified

Troost), Style "A" (Modified Tay- lor), Style "K" (Kaplin), and "Spe- cial Style" (manufactured in its en- tirety to the customer's drawings and specifications).

According to the publication,

Avondale propellers are manufac- tured to a customer's design with material specification such as car- bon steel, Avondale stainless steel, manganese bronze, nickel manga- nese bronze and nickel aluminum bronze.

To receive a free copy of this informative and well-written bro- chure on Avondale propellers,

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New Corporation Formed,

Warren Pumps Inc.—

Free Literature Available

Warren Pumps Inc., a newly formed corporation organized by the managers of Warren Pumps—

Houdaille, Inc. and Scott-Macon,

Ltd., a New York-based financial advisory firm, successfully com- pleted recently the purchase of the business of Warren Pumps-Hou- daille, Inc. from Houdaille Indus- tries, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The price of the purchase was not disclosed.

According to George G. Land- berg, president of Warren Pumps

Inc. and former president of the

Houdaille subsidiary, all of War- ren's operations, facilities, trade- marks and patents were included in the purchase and all 483 employees of the former subsidiary will assume their previous positions in the new corporation.

Since its founding more than 85 years ago, Warren Pumps has been involved in the design and manufac- ture of a broad line of pumps for industrial and federal markets. The company's principal facility is lo- cated in Warren, Mass., with addi- tional operating facilities main- tained in Rhode Island and New


For more information on the new- ly formed corporation and their full line of marine equipment,

Circle 78 on Reader Service Card $616.3-Million Contract

For Ohio Class Submarine

To General Dynamics

General Dynamics Corporation,

Electric Boat Division, Groton,

Conn., was recently awarded a $616,373,519 fixed-price-incentive contract for a FY-85 Ohio (SSBN- 726) class submarine. The work will be performed in Groton, and is ex- pected to be completed by Decem- ber 1990. The contract funds would not have expired at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Sea

Systems Command, Washington,

D.C., is the contracting activity (N00024-85-C-2062).

Free 14-Page Booklet

On Gas Turbine Controls

Offered By Woodward

The Woodward Governor Compa- ny is offering a 14-page booklet on their extensive line of mechanical- hydraulic governors, electronic con- trols, actuators, and metering valves commonly applied to gas turbines.

The publication is divided into seven separate sections: Mechani- cal-Hydraulic Governors for Indus- trial Gas Turbines; Electronic Con- trols for Industrial Gas Turbines;

Accessories for Electric Load Shar- ing; Actuators for 2301, 43027, and 2500 Controls; Fuel Valves for In- dustrial Gas Turbines; Accessory

Equipment for 2301, 43027, EPG, and 2500; and Woodward Services.

For many gas turbines a mechani- cal-hydraulic governor offers the simplest, most reliable, and eco- nomical means of control. Mechani- cal-hydraulic governors combine, in a single unit, their turbine-driven- speed-sensing function with a hy- draulically powered actuator.

Electronic controls by Woodward offer extended flexibility with wide speed control ranges, automatic synchronizing and paralleling, isochronous load sharing, and inter- face capability with electric or pres- sure-controlled process inputs. Ad- ditionally, the Woodward 43027

Control and the Integrated Control/

Sequencer offer a virtually unlim- ited number of control functions for large and complex turbines, accord- ing to the booklet.

The Woodward Governor Compa- ny has manufactured prime mover controls exclusively since 1870. Con- trols for industrial gas turbines are manufactured at the Engine and

Turbine Controls Division in Fort

Collins, Colo.

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