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Seebeckwerft To Build

Cellular Containership

For China Ocean Shipping

Seebeckwerft AG of Bremerhav- en, West Germany, has signed a contract for the construction of a fully cellularized containership with the State shipping company of the

People's Republic of China, China

Ocean Shipping Company (COS-

CO). The shipyard won this order against strong international compe- tition.

This will be the 16th newbuilding constructed by Seebeckwerft for

COSCO in a business relationship that dates back 10 years. The ships have developed from a multipur- pose cargo vessel to the highly so- phisticated cellular containership.

The latest newbuilding, designated yard No. 1062, is scheduled for de- livery in mid-1986. It will be the most modern vessel in the COSCO fleet.

Yard No. 1062 will have an overall length of 653.5 feet, beam of 93 feet, depth to first deck of 50.7 feet, and summer draft of 35 feet. Container capacity will be 1,699 TEUs.

A main propulsion plant consist- ing of a M.A.N.-B&W diesel engine with an output of 9,977 bhp will be installed, giving the ship a trial speed of 16.35 knots. The vessel will be built to the rules of Germanisch- er Lloyd class +100 A 4 E (Contain- ership) + MCE AUT.

Contracts Awarded To

Bardex Hydranautics —Literature Available

Bardex Hydranautics has been contracted by Reading and Bates

Drilling Co. and Ishikawajima-Hari- ma Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., for the design and manufacture of the

BOP and subsea equipment han- dling systems and the handling/ele- vator systems for the vertically stored risers for the Zane Barnes semi-submersible. The Friede &

Goldman center caisson Trendset- ter Class semi-submersible is sched- uled for delivery in the fall of 1986.

The major components of the

BOP/subsea handling system are the BOP bridge crane, BOP trans- porters, BOP capturing system, sea fastening and test stump systems, and subsea equipment skid jacks.

Major components of the vertical riser handling/elevator system are two riser bridge cranes, two riser elevators, and the control system.

Bardex Hydranautics, Reading and Bates, and Friede & Goldman closely coordinated the design de- velopment work on the vertically stored riser and BOP handling sys- tems.

Bardex Hydranautics is head- quartered in Goleta, Calif., with of- fices in London, Singapore and

Houston. The company designs and manufactures heavy-load moving equipment for offshore and ship- yard-related activities.

For further information on Bar- dex Hydranautics and their ser- vices,

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October 15, 1985

MarAd Awards Research

Contract For $343,819

To Detroit Diesel

The Maritime Administration has awarded a cost-shared $343,819 con- tract to the Detroit Diesel Allison

Division of General Motors Corpo- ration in Detroit, aimed at the ma- rine diesel application of a technolo- gy based on the on-line, variable- timing, electronic fuel injection sys- tem now used in GM's automotive and tractor/truck diesel engine se- ries. There is at present no such application in U.S. marine vessels.

The GM fuel injection system, in concert with an advanced by-pass blower and turbocharging system, will be installed aboard a towboat owned by Warrior and Gulf Naviga- tion Company, a division of U.S.

Steel Corporation located in Mobile,


Under the contract, GM will to- tally fund the accelerated develop- ment phase of the project at an esti- mated cost of $500,000. MarAd will cost-share the on-board demonstra- tion phase, with the agency provid- ing $343,819 and the Detroit Diesel

Division $198,000.

Forney Offers

Full-Color Brochure

On New Control System

Forney Engineering Company,

Carrollton, Texas, is offering a free, six-page, full-color brochure on their new Mini AFS-1000 control system.

According to the brochure, the

Mini AFS-1000 control system achieves new levels of flexibility and economy for analog and digital con- trol applications. The brochure states that the Mini AFS-1000 uti- lizes modern microprocessor tech- nology on single board computer cards, and that the unit can be con- figured to fulfill specific require- ments.

The publication explains, through the use of several fine full-color pho- tos and clear, communitive text, the operation and special features of the mini unit.

The brochure is broken into sev- eral sections and includes such top- ics as: "System Architecture," "Operator Interface," "Hardware

Features" and "Software Fea- tures."

For a free copy of this detailed and informative brochure,

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Norton, Lilly Opens

Montreal Office

John H. Griffith, president of

Norton, Lilly & Co., Inc., the oldest and one of the largest steamship agencies in North America, has an- nounced the opening of a new office in Montreal as part of Norton, Lil- ly's expanding presence in eastern

Canada. The new office, Norton,

Lilly et Cie (Canada) Ltee, is lo- cated at: Suite 707, 276 Rue St.

Jacques, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1N3; customer service telephone numbers: (514) 281-0066 and 281- 0079.

Hamburg Yard Jumboizes

First Of Four Vessels

For Hapag-Lloyd

The jumboizing of the first of four

Hapag-Lloyd North Atlantic con- tainerships has been completed by

Blohm and Voss shipyards of Ham- burg, West Germany. The Nuern- berg Express, built in 1978, has been given a new middle section approxi- mately 30 meters long (about 98 ¥2 feet), increasing the vessel's TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) capacity from 1,758 to 2,594. Blohm and Voss completed the job within the month specified by the contract.

The Nuernberg Express moved immediately to the Unikai Contain- er Terminal in Hamburg port to pick up cargo for the U.S. East


The other three sister ships,

Stuttgart Express, Koeln Express and Duesseldorf Express will be jumboized in the same way.

By using a West German shipyard for the conversion, Hapag-Lloyd was able to obtain from the Bonn

Government a building subsidy amounting to 12.5 percent of the contract price. The bill for the con- version of the four is believed to be between 60 and 70 million deutsche marks (about $22 to $26 million).

Mike Markey Appointed

Chief Engineer For

Markey Machinery

M.J. (Mike) Markey, grandson of the company founder, has been named chief engineer for Markey

Machinery Company of Seattle, it was announced by William J.

Markey, president and chief exec- utive officer.

A graduate of Stanford University in mechanical engineering, Mike

Markey has been with the compa- ny for the past 27 years serving in various engineering capacities. He replaces Robert G. Kennard, who passed away recently. Mr. Ken- nard had been chief engineer with

Markey for more than 45 years, and had been instrumental in the devel- opment and manufacturing of mod- ern, multi-faceted deck machinery in a number of fields.

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