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measured the propeller pitch with a "Caterpillar Pitchometer".

This test confirmed the PAR findings. At this point, our only recourse was to have our wheel company pull the wheel and recheck their work.

Sure enough. The wheel was off about four inches ... just like the PAR test had indicated. They made the changes to the wheel. \Ne put the boat back in the water and the engine RPM's immediately came up to speed.

Had the PAR test not forced our hand, we probably would have struggled along hit-or-miss until we damaged the engine. Instead, our Cat dealer helped us diagnose our situation and prevent major problems and expensive repairs. Now, I'm a firm believer in the PAR test. I feel it's a valuable tool that can be used throughout the industry to identify and prevent potential and existing problems ^••HEP^^g^H that cost you money and give you headaches. ^^^•Elfc^JJ^H I think a Cat PAR test is money well spent." "•--.'^^H For more information contact your nearest ^LjC^^iJ | e^n Cat dealer, or write to: Caterpillar Engine "Since 1975, we've been operating a barge shuttle and switching business out of St. Louis. In our business, dependability and reliability are critical. If our workboats aren't running, we don't get paid! If our boats aren't operating right, we face not only a dollar loss, but also a real danger on the river.

Recently, we elected to completely overhaul one of our vessels.

We repowered with twin CAT 3408 Engines and replaced the wheels. However, when we put the boat back in the water we found we had trouble\ with the starboard propulsion system. The engine wouldn't come up to speed, and as hard as we tried, our crew couldn't figure out what the problem was.

Our local Cat dealer offered to run a complete Marine PAR (Performance Analysis Report) test, which he told me would pinpoint performance problems in the propulsion system.

According to the PAR test, our starboard wheel pitch was off approximately ». — 5 four inches causing our problem. ^

Frankly, we were skeptical. Yet, our Cat ~~ ft dealer persisted. So, we pulled the a ^ boat out of the water and the Cat dealer flr , |

The simple CAT PAR test made a firm believer out of me!

Darrel Stephens, Operations Manager,

Lewis & Clark Marine, Inc. (formerly Art's Fleeting) St. Louis, MO.

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