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Emer. alternators, transformers, Radio direction finder & Evaporators . . .Alfa-Laval & main and emer. doppler log . . . .OCEL Displacement pump . . . . SCAM-IMO switchboards . . Alsthom Battery . . . . SAFT Centrifugal pumps . . . . .A.Johnson

Integrated nautical Automatic telephones . . . . Jeumont Heeling & reciprocating equipment Racal Decca Schneider pumps Iron

Radars .... Atlas Fluorescent lamps .... . . . Philips Valves & fittings .... .... Coyard

Anemometer, aerovane, & Heating, ventilation & Starting air depth sounder .... CRM air conditioning plants . . . . . Flakt compressor . .Sperre Mek

Facsimile receiver .... . . . .Taiyo Air coolers, piping & O/W separator . . . . St. Louis Ship

Gyrocompass, autopilot & accessories . . . . York Sound signal equipment . . Kockums magnetic compass . . . Anschuetz Refrigerator cooling plant . . . . York Auxiliary boiler . . . Vapor Fluidoternus •AIM YARD

Garbage handling & incinerator Norsk Hydro

Sewage treatment units . . SAAB Tank

Sanitary vacuum system EVAC

Passenger sanitary units .... Resine


Crew sanitary units E. Modul

Shell doors MacGregor

Watertight doors Schoenrock


Davits Schat Davit

Fairleads Sambre & Meuse

Accommodation ladder .... Metalu

Medical equipment Unitor

Laundry equipment EDCO

Galley/pantry erection . . . Sea King

Galley/pantry equipment . . Sea King

Bulkheads & cabin partitioning .... Rockment

Ceilings Danacoustic

Windows Dalmas

Cabin doors Compin

Fire doors Saajos

Halon & foam systems SEPCI

Firefighting gear Unitor



The Turku Shipyard of Wartsila

Marine Industries, Inc. of Finland, delivered the 567-foot, heavylift vessel Transshelf to her Soviet own- er, V/O Sudoimport, during the end of the first quarter of this year.

The Transshelf is powered by two

Wartsila-Vasa 18V32 type engines with an output of 6,750 kw each.

The engines are connected by Val- met Rautpohja reduction gears to two Escher Wyss controllable-pitch propellers.

Electric power generation is pro- vided by two Stromberg shaft gener- ators and two Wartsila Vasa 4R22HF auxiliary engines.

The heavylift vessel can lift and (continued)

Ship Repairs and Conversions. The DANYARD service means fast, reliable and on-time completion of repair and conversion jobs. The pooled repair facilities provide flexibility to accommodate repairs when required

General Engineering Works, DANYARD'S general engineering section is well equipped for design work, general engineering work and steel fabrication.

These facilities are utilised for know-how oriented problem solving, and they are available round the clock every day of the year. - mm

Main Office: Frederikshavn

DK-9900 Frederikshavn • Denmark • Phone: +45 8 42 22 99

Telex: 67117 danyrd dk • Telefax: +45 8 43 29 30


T.A.S.T. Corporation 277 Fairfield Road • Fairfield, N.J. 07006

Telephone: 201/882-9492

Telex: 203437 TAST UR • Telefax: 201/882-0399


Equipment List

Main engines Wartsila-Vasa

Reduction gears . . Valmet Rautpohja

Main couplings Lohmann &


PTO couplings Vulkan

Shaft generators Stromberg

Auxiliary engines Wartsila-Vasa

Auxiliary alternators .... Stromberg

Emerg. diesel aggregate & emerg. alternator SNTL

CP propellers Escher Wyss

Prop nozzles Hollming

Bowthrusters KaMeWa

Bowthruster motors ASEA

Exhaust gas boilers . Kymi-StrOmberg

Lighting transformers SNTL

Echo sounder, log, speed indi- cator, radars, anticollision device, gyrocompass, radio di- rectionfinder, magnetic com- pass, tyfons, signal device, facsimile weather receiver & radio navigator SNTL

Mechanical log Walker

ARPA Selesma

Autopilot Racal-Decca

SatNav Magnavox

Windmeter Vaisala

Computer-based data logging & calculation system Wartsila

SatCom JRC

Simplex-receiver antenna . . Wartsila

Duplex-receiver antenna ITT

Emerg. antenna Wartsila

Radiostation equipment SNTL

Anchor/mooring winches, stern anchor winch & cargo-handling/ mooring winches . . Rauma-Repola

Anchors HCG

Anchor chain Swedschain

Anchor wire .... United Ropeworks

Steering gears Wartsila

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Shipbuilding. We have a long standing as design and construction specialists of high-quality ships such as cruise liners, ferries, reefers, RO/RO cargo ships, off-shore supply ships and ships for the Royal Danish Navy.

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