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MIT Announces Spring

Program In Port Planning,

Development, Engineering

The Advanced Study Program of

MIT's Center for Advanced Engi- neering Study is offering a 16-week graduate level program for practic- ing port planners and engineers di- rected by E. G. Frankel, professor of Ocean Systems, a well-known port planner and engineer, senior advisor on ports to the International

Maritime Organization, and former- ly port and shipping advisor at the

World Bank. The program allows concentration in the broad areas of port planning, port management, port development, port construction management, port engineering, and port maintenance.

Activities are tailored to the back- ground and needs of each partici- pant. MIT offers over one thousand courses. Electives will be chosen af- ter consultation with Professor

Frankel and other faculty mem- bers. Courses may be taken for cred- it or as an auditor.

The program provides study of- fices, a project facility, computer facilities, videotape library and viewing facilities, and social activi- ties for participants. Participants

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Tel: 413 436-7711 share classrooms, libraries, athletic and other facilities of MIT with reg- ular students. The program also provides opportunities for partici- pants to develop or improve their skills using microcomputers and to review basic subjects such as micro- economics and mathematics.

The fee for the program is $9,300.

The fee does not include books or living expenses.

The program starts on February 1, 1988, and end on May 18, 1988. A certificate is awarded for satisfacto- ry completion.

For general information, descrip- tion of subjects, a brochure on the

Advanced Study Program and an application form, call or write: Dr.

Paul Brown, Director, Advanced

Study Programs, Center for Ad- vanced Engineering Study, Room 9- 335, Massachusetts Institute of

Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139,

Telephone: 617-253-6161, Telex: 92- 1473, Telecopier: 617-258-8831.

If you have questions about the appropriateness of the program for you or about selecting your candi- date call or write: Dr. Ernst Fran- kel, Professor of Ocean Systems,

Department of Ocean Engineering,

Room 5-222B, Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, Telephone: 617-253-6763.

MMS Delivers Planned

Maintenance System For

Canarctic Icebreaker

Marine Management Systems (MMS) recently implemented their

Planned Maintenance (PMS) sys- tem aboard an icebreaker owned by

Canarctic Shipping, Ltd, of Ottawa,

Canada, according to an announce- ment made by MMS vice president,

Don Logan.

Operating under a contract awarded through the Marine Man- agement Centre (MMC) in London,

England, the PMS system was in- stalled aboard the M/V Arctic, a

Grade 4 icebreaker/oil bulk ore car- rier/research ship. The Arctic oper- ates in the northern Canadian re- gions where on-the-spot mainte- nance procedures are vital and oper- ating costs are high, making planned maintenance a crucial con- cern.

Canarctic engineers were trained by MMS technical staff in Stam- ford, Conn., and the system was installed by MMC personnel. Full shipboard IBM PC/AT computer configuration and ongoing support for the project will be handled by


Founded in 1969, MMS is a leader in providing computerized manage- ment information systems for the shipping industry. The PMS Sys- tem is part of MMS' Ship Manage- ment Information Series of systems for shoreside and shipboard use.

For further information and free literature on Marine Management


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