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As a shipowner, it's no news for you that the world wide shipbuilders crisis has left you with all the odds on your side.

So, more than ever you are in an ex- cellent position to make business with the shipyards that have survived.

And you can count them with the fingers of your hands. But if you are after an specific project, probably just one hand will be enough.

Right in the middle of this tough com- petition, the Spanish offer is one of the best.

Check on us, as others do.

For example, one of our recent con- tracts puts Astilleros on the countdown to deliver "the ultimate XXth century tanker" (the quotation is not ours), a 140.000 Suez-Max, to the French CNN, for operation by Elf-Acquitaine. Inciden- tally, Astilleros won this contract after breathtaking competition with leading

Japanese and Korean yards.

There are other contracts to show you that things are happening -and happen- ing fast- at Astilleros. As a reader of the trade press you already know.

So, check on us. Our competitive mix includes: /The best price. V /T The most sophisticated - some call it creative

High, the choice is up to you.

Wide-spread tonnage capacities in creative- financial packages. medium or standard technology, nine complementary shipyards.

And flexibility, great flexibility!

What others have learnt the hard way, has been our own way of doing business from the very start.

Don't you feel its high time to check on us?



For further information: Astilleros Espanoles S.A.

Padilla, 17 28006 Madrid

Tel. (341)435 78 40

Telex. 27648 ASTIL-E

Fax. (341)276 29 56 , 1987

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