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available with an automatic start- stop control. Each system carries a 12-month warranty and can be eas- ily installed horizontally, vertically or base down.

Additional features include sen- try control remote alarm system, flow control detection valve, motor relay lockout, true temperature con- trols, fused 120-volt control voltage, and pre-wired, palletized compo- nents.

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Sembawang Signs

Japanese Agreement

To Boost Business

Sembawang Shipyard has signed a cooperation agreement with Nip- pon Kokan K.K. (NKK) of Japan to improve each other's ship repair and conversion business.

The scope of the agreement will allow NKK to share its long-term expertise and technical know-how in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion with Semba- wang Shipyard Limited.

Sembawang Shipyard Limited and NKK will also subcontract ship repair and conversion work received from a third party to each other.

Sembawang can now draw on the technical expertise of NKK in terms of technical consultancy, design, works supervision and the procure- ment of material and equipment.

This upstream service extension will further enhance Sembawang Ship- yard's capabilities.

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StartMaster Offers

Low Pressure SMI90

Series Starters

Designed for the rugged condi- tions of the mining, marine and oil field industries, StartMaster's

SM190 Series will crank diesel en- gines up to 1,800 cubic inches and gasoline engines up to 3,600 cubic inches. Air consumption is a low 5 cubic feet per second, and cranking torque is generated at pressures as low as 40 psi. The lightweight, 38 pound starter features an exclusive positive blade displacement which eliminates freeze ups by mechani- cally positioning rotor blades into the air stream.

Also available is "SuperStarters," a new, friction-resistant configura- tion that requires no lubrication to the air motor. It also stops vane sticking due to accumulated lubri- cants and resists corrosion of the cylinder.

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StartMaster's SM190 Series or Su- perStarters,

Kim Hotstart Pre-Heating

Systems Shrink

Engine Idling Costs

Kim Hotstart Manufacturing Co. of Spokane, Wash., is offering free literature on pre-heating systems.

According to the manufacturer, when an engine is equipped with a

Kim Hotstart engine pre-heating system, its idling costs are nearly eliminated because electricity is used to keep the engine warm, not gallons of expensive diesel fuel that are required for hours of idling. And since the engine is warm enough to start at a moment's notice and reach full power quickly, getting to a job fast is assured.

Using a Kim Hotstart pre-heating system prevents two cold-starting problems: excessive wear on critical engine parts and emission of white smoke pollutants. Ships and work- boats can be kept in service longer as time between overhauls is ex- tended.

Kim Hotstart manufactures three types of heating systems for marine use: lube oil heating systems, cool- ant heating systems and a combina- tion of the two. Each system has the following approvals: U.S. Coast

Guard; CSA-approved for hazard- ous and wet locations; and approved by major engine manufacturers.

The systems can be operated manually or automatically, and are

Products you can depend on into the 21st Century d Billi If

Aeroquip products will get you there.

The shipbuilding industry, as well as the ships themselves, has evolved dramatically, and will continue to do so. Aeroquip has kept pace with the problem- solving products you've required.

And with decades of research and manufacturing expertise behind them, you can count on their quality, performance, and durability today and into the next century.

RISIC Couplings

Aeroquip RISIC 3 and 3 HT couplings pro- vide superior sound and vibration damp- ening. RISIC 3 is . approved on U.S. tfSMjr Navy surface vessels "" " for water and lube oil to 160°F; RISIC 3 HT for high temperature feed water service to +250°F.

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QDM® Early Failure

Detection System

Tedeco's Quan- titative Debris

Monitoring sys- tem detects and trends failures of engine and gearbox lube system components in real time to give maintenance crews timely notice.

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T-J ™ Cylinders

Series TG hydraulic cylinders ane fully approved by the American Bureau of

Shipping (ABS). Series TG cylinders handle pressures up to 3500 psi (5000 non- shock). They are available in 15 stan- dard mount-

Request Bulletin 4120 ing styles circle 103

Suction to 5500 PSI

Aeroquip Teflon*

Quick-Disconnect Couplings





Couplings for hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid handling applications. Wfe have hundreds of styles to choose from: steel, stainless and brass couplings up to Vh" diameters with pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi.

Request Catalog 258B circle 105 hose designs are unsurpassed for lightweight, fluid compatibility and flexibility. Operating from -I00°F to +450°F, they are available in five different styles. •Teflon is a DuPont trademark

Request Catalog 306 circle 104 INTO THE 2IS7 CENTURY.

Being a TRINOVA company gives us the focus to generate fresh and innovative ideas to satisfy tomorrow's needs and to develop and perfect the technology you'll require for the next century.

Aeroquip Corporation, 300 South

East Avenue, Jackson, Ml 49203-1972.

For literature call 800-982-0030. uip worldwide


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