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Use of a modern drydock specifi- cally designed for naval ship re- quirements increases work produc- tivity, enhances safety and ensures the necessary protection of the ship while drydocked.

For further information about

MAN GHH floating docks, contact:

MAN GHH Corporation, 50 Broad- way, New York, N.Y. 10004, or tele- phone: (212) 509-4545.

For free brochures and other liter- ature completely describing MAN

GHH drydocks,

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Adrian R. P. Day Named

Racal Marine President

Racal Corporation recently an- nounced the appointment of

Adrian R. P. Day as president of

Racal Marine, Inc. Racal Marine, a unit of the international Racal group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine navigation systems, radar, positioning equip- ment and integrated ship systems.

Mr. Day is responsible for the com- pany's activities in the United

States and Canada, including the affiliated operations of Racal Sur- vey, Inc. in Houston and Racal-Dec- ca Canada Inc. in Mississauga, On- tario.

Mr. Day joined Racal Electronics in the United Kingdom in 1964 as a test engineer, following six years of service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the

British Army. He was subsequently promoted to quality assurance man- ager, production manager and pro- duction director, supporting several

Racal subsidiaries in England. In 1986, prior to his present position,

Mr. Day was appointed executive vice president of a Racal Marine and Energy group company in the

United States.

Bremer Vulkan Delivers

Second Of Three Ships

The second of three oil-bulk-ore carrier conversions was delivered re- cently by Bremer Vulkan AG, West

Germany's largest shipyard.

The ships, of 40,000 dwt, will car- ry bulk cargo including ore and oil, with containers or forest products carried on deck.

The first of the ships was deliv- ered in September, with the third scheduled for delivery this month.

All three will be based in Bremen and will fly the West German flag.

ABS Appoints Crawford

And Lee Assistant VPs

William S. Crawford, manager of marketing of ABS Worldwide

Technical Services, Inc. (ABS-

TECH), a subsidiary of the Ameri- can Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and

Faith K. Lee, general manager of the ABS computers department, have been appointed assistant vice presidents of ABS, the international ship classification society.

December, 1987

Mr. Crawford heads a new de- partment in ABS, called corporate marketing services. The department will be the marketing/sales support group for all of the divisions and subsidiaries of ABS.

Mrs. Lee becomes head of the new ABS information systems group. Her responsibilities include all data information resources, such as computer systems and their ap- plications, as well as the telecommu- nications network systems used by


PBM Offers Free Catalog

On 3-Way Diverter Valves

Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing (PBM) of Irwin, Pa., is offering free literature on three-way diverter ball valves. PBM's recently redesigned three-way diverter valves have been expanded to include 3-inch and 4- inch sizes with flanged end connec- tions.

Other features which have up- graded the line are: integrally cast end connections—no fabrications; investment castings in 316 S/S; both side and bottom ported models are available; and there are six different end connections available.

Optional items include high-tem- perature seats and seals, teflon body cavity fillers, and sanitary polishes for ultra clean process systems.

Sizes available are '/2-inch to 4 inches, in bronze and in 316 S/S pressures to 400 psi and tempera- tures to 550° F are possible.

PBM catalog section IV-A gives complete engineering data on the line of valves. For a free copy,

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Reduced residue buildup, longer service interval.

High efficiency aftercooler controls boost air tempera tures under varying load conditions.

High efficiency, reliable service, and low skin temperature.

TUrbocharger is water-cooled and lubricated by integral lube pump: matched to application; wrapped exhaust manifolds.

Long service life and increased durability.

Camshaft has integral ground and hardened lobes that are designed for very high stress levels.



ENGINEERED FOR TODAY'S MARINE INDUSTRY • 1727 to 5555 Horsepower • 6 and 8 cylinder in-line, or 12. 16 and 18 cylinder vee configurations • 4 stroke, direct injection, turbocharged and aftercooled. • Operates on a wide range of diesel fuels. • BSFC of 0.322 lb/hp - hr. • Available in complete marine packages including marine gear and

Z-Peller drive system.

Contact the nearest

Cummins Distributor for more details on Cummins 26CX Medium Speed Marine

Power. Ask about Cummins product support package that includes "around the clock" service, an on-hand supply of genuine service parts, service tools and training, advanced diagnostics, and contract maintenance.

Cummins Distributors are listed in the Yellow Pages under "Engines, Diesel," and "Marine Equipment &


High and reliable performance.

Two-piece, five-ring piston, heat-resistant steel crown and ductile iron skirt, gallery cooled piston.

Maximum strength and long life.

Single-piece crankshaft; forged steel manufactured using the "RR" process.

Maximum strength with compact, efficient size.

Rigid box section block made from high grade cast iron.

Long life. \ Wear-resistant, special cast iron cylinder liner.

Quick inspection of "bottom end," easy piston removal and insertion.

Tlvo-piece, stamped-forged steel connecting rod; angle split big end; drilled oil passage for piston cooling.

Increased reliability, installation flexibility.

Engine driven lube oil pump: optional engine driven water pump(s).

NOBODY KNOWS DIESELS BETTER is Cummins Engine Company, Inc.

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