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First Coast Shipbuilding

Constructing $12-Million

Luxury Yacht For Clipper Cruise

The Yorktown Clipper is shown undergoing inspection at

First Coast Shipbuilding in Green Cove Springs, Fla. The vessel is scheduled for its first cruise on March 26, 1988.

Clipper Cruise Line recently announced that construction of its Yorktown Clipper is proceed- ing on schedule, with service slated to begin in

March 1988.

After being launched in November, the luxury yacht is being outfitted for an early March chris- tening. The $12-million ship is being built at

First Coast Shipbuilding Corporation in Green

Cover Springs, Fla.

The 257-foot Yorktown Clipper will accom- modate 138 passengers in 69 staterooms. She will retain the characteristic appearance and functionality of her sister ships: all-outside staterooms, teakwood decks and a shallow, 8- foot draft. Interior decor will also follow the lead established by the company's earlier-built ves- sels, and Clipper will retain single-seating dining on the new vessel.

The Yorktown Clipper's long length will make her more adept along the Maine coast, Florida

Keys and in the Caribbean's Leeward Islands, areas which will see new itineraries for Clipper in 1988.

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Moore McCormack Resources

Transfers Ownership And

Announces New Address

Moore McCormack Resources, Inc. has re- cently sold all its marine operations to James

R. Barker, its ex-chairman.

The company previously known as Moore

McCormack Bulk Transport, Inc. has been re- named Mormac Marine Transport, Inc. The principal officers are: James R. Barker, chairman; Capt., Gareth J. Thomas, presi- dent; Wycliffe L. Bennett, vice president- chief financial officer; W. Robert Germain, vice president-operations; and Peter Ulvad, vice president-marketing and administration.

The company operates three U.S.-flag, 39,000-ton Coronado-class tankers in the inter- national trade.

Gastrans, Inc., operator of the two Lachmar

U.S.-flag, 125,000 m3 LNG carriers, retains its original name. Principal officers are: James R.

Barker, chairman; Gareth J. Thomas, presi- dent; Wycliffe L. Bennett, vice president- chief financial officer; and W. Robert Ger- main, vice president-operations.

The parent company of both Mormac Marine

Transport, Inc. and Gastrans, Inc. is Mormac

Marine Group, Inc. Principal officers are:

James R. Baker, chairman; Capt. Gareth J.

Thomas, president; and Wycliffe L. Ben- nett, vice president-chief financial officer.

All three companies have their headquarters at the following address: Three Landmark

Square, 3rd Floor, Stamford, Conn. 06901. The telephone number is (203) 977-8900. Telex num- bers remain unchanged—965988; Telecopier number is (203) 977-8989.

Additionally, Mr. Barker has acquired the

Interlake Steamship Company, which operates nine Great Lakes bulkers. The company retains its name but is now located at the following address: Suite 400, 629 Euclid Avenue, Cleve- land, Ohio 44114-3003. Telephone number is (216) 694-4000.

Hempel's Announces

Two Senior Appointments

In Marine Division ii ij^^B f • A i^drtta

Svend Johnsen Ron Williams

Two senior appointments in the Marine Divi- sion of the holding company of worldwide coat- ings manufacturer Hempel's Marine Paints were recently announced.

Svend Johnsen was appointed marketing manager. He was previously Hempel's assistant technical director.

Ron Williams, formerly Hempel's world- wide sales coordinator, was appointed sales manager.


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December, 1987


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