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Runyan Machine & Boiler Works,

Inc., Pensacola, Fla., has delivered the Isabela II, an oilfield supply boat converted to passenger service for Empresa Turistica Internacion- al, C.A. The boat will operate in the

Galapagos Islands off the coast of


The 36-passenger Isabela II has an overall length of 183 feet 6 inches, beam of 38 feet and depth to main deck of 13 feet. Prior to con- version, the vessel was 166 feet long.

Main propulsion is provided by two Detroit Diesel 16V-149 engines, developing a total of 1,800 bhp at 1,800 rpm, driving two 60-inch di- ameter stainless steel propellers through reversing reduction gears.

Electrical power is provided by two 220-kw Lima generators driven by

Detroit Diesel 12V-71 engines. The generators have automatic starting and paralleling capability through the main switchboard during peak demand periods. The 75-kw emer- gency generator is driven by a De- troit Diesel 6-71 engine and also has automatic starting capability in ac- cordance with SOLAS regulations.

Built from a design provided by the owners, Schuller and Allan and

Rodney E. Lay & Associates, the vessel meets both SOLAS and

American Bureau of Shipping stan- dards. Passengers are accommo- dated in spacious outside cabins with two lower beds, shower and toi- let. Each double occupancy cabin is fitted with individually controlled air conditioners, music-P/A system and emergency call system. She has a reading/game room, elegant bar, gift shop, and sun deck featuring a jacuzzi and exercise equipment. The dining room seats all 36 of the ves- sel's passengers at one sitting. The menu will feature Ecuadorian and

Continental cuisine.

Fully equipped to meet SOLAS 1984 regulations for a 36-passenger cruise vessel engaged in internation- al voyages, the Isabela II is equip- ped with two Mulder and Rieke 25- person, semi-enclosed motor life-

February, 1989 boats on Schat gravity davits, two 20-person and three 10-person in- flatable life rafts, and a 5-ton hy- draulic small boat crane.

Rockment TNF bulkhead system, continuous B class ceilings and join- er doors were installed throughout all passenger cabins, crew accommo- dations, public areas and the galley to achieve structural fire protec- tion.

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Willcox North America

Opens New Service Center —Literature Offered

Willcox North America, Inc., a manufacturer of composite flexible oil and chemical hoses used for load- ing/unloading barges and tankers, recently opened a sales, service and distribution center in Houston,


The new center, which is located at 9366 Wallisville Road, Building 170, Houston, Texas 77013, tele- phone: (713) 675-6116, fax: (713) 675-5488, is headed by Jack Mar- shall with Randy Francis as sales manager and Joseph Mar- entette as supervisor of produc- tion. The Houston center will con- duct sales and distribution of Will- cox products for the Southern Re- gion. Willcox's Garfield, N.J., office will continue to handle sales and distribution in the Northern Re- gion.

Both locations will stock and ser- vice cargo hoses up to 10-inches in diameter with lengths up to 60 feet.

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I •*.-' • •

Powered by two Detroit Diesel main engines, the Isabela II, converted from the oilfield supply boat Carl B. Downs by Runyan Machine & Boiler Works, Inc., Pensacola, Fla., will have a new life as a passenger excursion vessel operating in the Galapagos Islands.

Runyan Machine Completes

Conversion Of Supply Boat

Into Passenger Vessel 'Reborn'Cruise Boat Will Operate In Galapagos Islands


Equipment List

Main engines (2) . . . Detroit Diesel

Generator engines . . . Detroit Diesel

Generators .... Lima

Emergency generator engine . . . Detroit Diesel

Radar Furuno

SSB radiotelephone . . . Radio Holland

VHF Raytheon

SatNav Magnavox

Switchboards . . . Contech

Engine alarms . . . Contech

P/A system .... TOA

Telephone system . TOA

Windows Beclawat

Hydraulic watertight doors . . .Walz & Krenzer

Joiner bulkheads, linings ceilings & doors . Rockment

Galley equipment Hobart

A/C Carrier

Desalinators .... Offshore Marine Labs

Small boat crane Alaska Marine Crane

Lifeboats Mulder and Rieke

Davits Schat




MWH valve cages are water-cooled. The cooling water is led close to the valve seat.

Result: low temperatures leading to longer service life of the valves.

Strong, reliable, enduring •

Further advantages: corrosion-resistance through a special coating interchangeability with uncooled design complete reconditioning by MWH using their exchange service

Markisches Werk GmbH • P.O.Box 1442 • D-5884 Halver

Phone (2353) 72274 • Telex 8263649 mwhd • Telefax (2353) 72255

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