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Montreal, Canada, February 20-21

The Canadian Maritime Indus- tries Association's (CMIA) 41st An- nual Technical Conference will be held at Montreal's Queen Elizabeth

Hotel on February 20-21, 1989. "As a result of the resounding success of the Canadian Shipbuild- ing & Offshore Exhibition, we have decided to include CSOE '89 on the program for our 1989 conference," said CMIA president J.Y. Clarke. "This added feature has resulted in a tremendous interest in the confer- ence, the largest technical marine conference held in Canada.

CSOE'89 will be a major component of the conference."

Mr. Clarke pointed out that the technical conference's open ses- sions, which begin at 9 a.m. on Feb- ruary 21, will be presented in two adjacent rooms, the Jolliet Room and Marquette Room.

Some of the papers listed in the preliminary program include: "De- sign Development and First Experi- ence with the Bergen Diesel Type B

Medium Speed Engine," by L.M.

Nerheim, Bergen Diesel A.S.; "Diesel Engines in Naval Applica- tions," by H. Pleimling, Deutz

MWM; "Trump Noise Control," by

K. McKeever, Pratt & Whitney

Canada Inc.; and "Construction and

Project Management of Icebreaker

Oden," by B-G Renbourg, GVA

Canada, and J. Falkman and G.

Lilijestrom, GVA Sweden.

CSOE '89 will be located on the convention floor opposite the tech- nical conference rooms. CSOE'89 will help bring together many sec- tors of the marine industry, includ- ing electronics, communications, navigation and electric equipment suppliers, shipbuilders and ship re- pairers, diesel engine and propul- sion equipment manufacturers, and other marine systems, services and parts companies. Exhibition hours will be 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday,

February 20, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Tuesday, February 21.

Mr. Clarke noted that the 1988 technical conference and exhibition attracted well over 900 persons from across Canada and around the world, including international me- dia and government officials.

For further information about the conference and exhibition, as well as

CMIA, contact: Mrs. Joy Mac-

Pherson, secretary/treasurer, Ca- nadian Maritime Industries Asso- ciation, P.O. Box 1429, Station B,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIP 5R4; telephone: (613) 232-7127; telex: 053-4848; fax: (613) 232-2490.



Jolliet Room "Integrated Logistic Support—A Canadi- an Approach," by B. Hough. AMTEK Man- agement. "Design Development and First Experi- ence with the Bergen Diesel Type B Medium

Speed Engine," by L.M. Nerheim, Bergen

Diesel A.S. "Diesel Engines in Naval Applications," H.

Pleimling. Deutz MWM. "The Pressurized Light Water Reactor—

A Well Optimized Marine Propulsion Power

Source," by P. Gumley, F.N. McDonnell and

R. Humphries, Atomic Energy of Canada

Ltd. "Trump 1000-KW Diesel Generator," by

G. Munro, Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. "Trump Noise Control," by K. McKeever

Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. "Practical Applications in CADD for 3-D

Machinery Space Design and Modular Out- fitting," by D.J. Fong and P. Eng, RDS Engi- neering. "Pump Application to Ships," by C.

McNeil, Energy, Mines & Resources.

Marquette Room "The Hatchcoverless Containership—A

New Concept," by T.R. Fisher, Advance

Ship Design Pty., Ltd. "Fracture Control for Steel Marine Struc- tures." by W.R. Tyson, M. Braid and V. Sce- panovic. Energy, Mines & Resources. "Construction and Project Management of Icebreaker Oden," by B-G Renbourg, GVA

Canada, and J. Falkman and G. Lilijestrom.

GVA Sweden. "Investigation of the Seakeeping Qualities of a Canadian Forces Research Vessel," by

A.F. Aboulazm. Marine Institute. "Ship Resistance in Pack Ice," by A.F.

Aboulazm. Marine Institute, and D. Mugger- idge. Memorial University. "Propulsion Tests on the Class 4 Ice- breaker M.V. Kalvik," by P.L. Semery.

Transport Development Center. "Why Welding Certification," by D.E.H.

Reynolds and P. Eng. Canadian Welding

Bureau. "Electric Propulsion Systems—The Way of the Future," by D. Peters. General Elec- tric Canada Inc.

CSOE '89 Exhibitors

Alfa Laval

Amtek Group

British Consulate General

British High Commission

CAE Electronics

Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering

Canadian Submarine Consortium

Canadian Welding Bureau


Charland Thermojet

Contro Valve Equipment

CSE Submarine Group


Deutsch Metal Components


Direction des Construction Navales

Dominis Engineering

ECS Electrical Cable Supply


GE Canada

GVA Canada

Hamworthy Canada

Hermont/B. Fortin

Hewitt Equipment

Hurum Marine

IMO Delaval

Indal Technologies

Institute for Marine Dynamics

International Paints (Canada)


John Crane Canada


Key Marine Industries

Krupp MaK Diesel

Leroy Somer Canada

Litton Systems Canada

MAG Agencies

Marine Institute

Marine Sales & Service

Martech Equipment

McCann Equuipment

Merlin Gerin (Canada)

MIL Group

Montreal Valve Reseating

Mount Royal/Walsh Inc.

Paramax Electronics

Patlon Industries


Quebec Ministry of Industry,

Commerce & Technology

Quebec Ministry of Regional

Industrial Expansion

RDS Engineering

Saint John Shipbuilding

Securiplex Systems

Siemens Electric

SNA Canada

Sulzer Canada

Swagelok Canada

Thomson CSF Systems

Thomson-Gordon Ltd.

Trafalgar Consortium

Wartsila Marine

Westinghouse Canada

Wilson Machine

Call For Papers For

Symposium On National

Shipbuilding Research

The National Shipbuilding Re- search Program Ship Production

Symposium, which will be held Sep- tember 13-15, 1989, at the Sheraton

National Hotel in Crystal City,

Washington, D.C., is soliciting un- classified abstracts and papers on a wide range of topics related to ad- vanced shipbuilding procedures.

The symposium provides a forum for technologists, potential users (commercial, industrial and mili- tary), and concerned others to ex- change and discuss new ideas in the field of advanced shipbuilding pro- cedures. The theme of this sympo- sium is "Advancing the Integration of Ship Design, Production and Re- pair."

Papers are being solicited which present the results of research or practices that advance the art/ science of ship design, production and repair processes. Topical areas may include: New Build Strategies for Ship Production, Innovative De- sign Methodologies, Ship Produc- tion Operations and Economics, Ap- plication of Emerging Technologies,

Shipyard Management Innovations, and any other areas that result in increased quality,improved produc- tivity or reduced cost.

Twenty-four papers are planned to be presented during the three- day symposium, which is being sponsored by the Ship Production

Committee and hosted by the Ches- apeake Section of The Society of

Naval Architects and Marine Engi- neers (SNAME).

The deadline for submitting ab- stracts, which should be no more than 500 words, is February 28, 1989. Abstracts should include pa- per title, principal author, organiza- tion, address and telephone num- ber. Notice of acceptance will be issued on March 31, 1989, with final manuscript due June 15, 1989.

Abstracts should be sent to Rob- ert W. Schaffran, Head, Manu- facturing Systems Division (Code 185), David Taylor Research Cen- ter, Bethesda, Md. 20084-5000.

Shieldings To Buy

Versatile Pacific

B.C. Pacific Capital Corporation recently signed an agreement to sell its wholly owned subsidiary Versa- tile Pacific Shipyards Inc. to Shield- ings Incorporated, a private, Cana- dian-owned company headquar- tered in Toronto and Vancouver which has a number of major invest- ments in manufacturing and other business sectors throughout Cana- da.

Versatile Pacific, which is one of the largest shipbuilders and ship repairers in western Canada, oper- ates two yards, one in Vancouver and one in Victoria. The shipbuilder has an order backlog of about C$50 million, including a C$16.4-million contract to build a hydrographic survey vessel and a C$35.1-million order for the construction of two

Type 500 search and rescue vessels, and is expected to shortly sign a contract with the Canadian Govern- ment worth C$347 million to build a

Polar Class 8 icebreaker.

Shieldings is purchasing the ship- builder with the intention of arrang- ing significant industrial diversifica- tion to enhance and strengthen the future operations of Versatile Pa- cific Shipyards.

The closing of the sale and trans- fer of ownership is expected in early 1989.

For free literature detailing the shipbuilding services of Versatile


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