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SPD Technologies Marks

First Full Year And 100th

Anniversary In Ceremonies

SPD Technologies recently marked its first full year as an inde- pendent operating company and also commemorated the 100th anni- versary of its predecessor company and the birth of its principal prod- uct, the circuit breaker. Ceremonies marking the first and 100th anniver- saries were held at the company's headquarters in Philadelphia.

A bound book, tracing the 100- year evolution of the company, will be given to all employees to comme- morate the occasion.

The company now called SPD

Technologies was originally founded in Philadelphia in 1888 as Cutter

Electrical Manufacturing Co. Soon thereafter, founder Henry Cutter and associates developed an im- proved circuit breaker on what was called the "inverse time element" principle.

The inverse time element (ITE) principle was to set the standard in circuit breaker design, and lead to the renaming of Cutter as I-T-E Cir- cuit Breaker Co. I-T-E later merged with Imperial Eastman and became

I-T-E Imperial, then was acquired by Gould Inc., and finally became

SPD Technologies when Gould spun it off to its management group in 1987.

The company is the nation's larg- est producer of military circuit breakers, and a prominent supplier of other electronic controls for elec- trical systems protection in the U.S. and abroad.

For more information and free lit- erature from SPD Technologies,

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